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: Aculife Hand Acupuncture Manual: Using the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist () by Niall Strickland and a great selection of. This book introduces the reader to the principles behind electro-magnetic acupuncture and guides them through the simple steps of using the Aculife Magnetic. ACULIFE. Detect • Relieve • Healthcare. Hand Acupuncture Manual Using the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist. WARNING You are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to .

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Aculife Acupoint Handmaps Most people become curious when they learn that it is possible to treat themselves for a large number of medical problems by simply stimulating acupoints on their acupubcture. Bad case of hemorrhoids, due to go into surgery late last year.

It is simple and easy to understand so that you too can have a good experience with this wonderful electronic acupuncture device. Based hanx the thousands of success stories related to us by regular users of Aculife, we believe that perseverance is well worthwhile. Click on the hanr below to find out more about hand acupoints and hand acupuncture in this short YouTube video presentation. Understanding Acupoints on Your Hand using Aculife.

Used Aculife on hand points for hemorrhoids for about 20 minutes per day for several weeks. Daily use for back pain and sciatica Occasional use for cough and sore throat Results: Creams from doctor Usage of Aculife: The feedback generated by the Aculife medical device can identify what the underlying problem may be with a high degree of accuracy, and thus allow you to inform your physician of an underlying problem requiring treatment if one exists. Already have done — dozens of times over.


The Acupoints shown are an approximate guide for where you need to place the blue pointing device. These will always be the most sensitive points of the hand and should reflect the points you marked in stage 6 above. McNamara Tweet Pin It. The five elemental energies — earth, gold, water, wood and fire — symbolise the life forces present in all living things, each one being a manifestation of Yin and Yang, or the opposing states of nature. In Relieve Mode, this will be at 4 or 5 bars for most people.

It was truly remarkable.

He did a single 30 minute treatment and the pain went away. It seemed to be almost too good to be true.

Please note that we do not sell the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist device. The ISBN code for the book is Each group is identifiable on the handmaps by a different symbol; a green circle yand oval; a navy blue rectangle and; an orange triangle.

He subsequently used it on a daily basis until we had to return home to Australia. It managed the discomfort very effectively.

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Tried the Aculife and within 2 weeks I was lifting weights again. Simply seek the points that offer the strongest sensation. It works wonders for managing the pain with no side effects. Fibromyalgia and qculife pain Previous Treatments Used: Would you recommend it to a friend? Surgery was not required. Do try and keep the plastic backing dust free as you will want to put the achpuncture back on it once you have completed each treatment. Researching it has opened my eyes to whole new areas of health and attitudes which are in themselves of massive benefit.

Aculife Hand Acupuncture Manual : Using the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist

Two courses of anti-inflammatories and a significant number of ibuprofen tablets. Gently peel hane plastic backing from the patch and leave it to one side. This book delivers the benefits wcupuncture our experience and mwnual how easy it is to detect and treat more than 57 different medical conditions. Prescription pain killers and anti-inflammatories Usage of Aculife: Secondlywe have broken the treatment points into three different groups which represent the different meridians in your hand.


The instructions for correct use of Aculife patches are as follows: Place the patch on the left forearm, about 6 inches above the wrist. Plug the other end of the wiring loom into the Aculife unit. This is usually at 2 or 3 bars in Detect Mode for most people. Daily use to manage pain. When finished, place the patch back on the plastic backing.

The treatment points for each of the following ailments are shown: Acupncture your convenience we offer both a hard copy and downloadable PDF version of the book. Aculife is not a quick-fix device that will immediately solve all of your health problems. Fantastic results, will continue to use.

Aculife Hand Acupuncture Manual : Niall Strickland :

One of the most exciting developments in DIY healthcare in recent years. It does not require needles or a specially trained acupuncturist. The second way to use the patch system is to place the patch directly on the area where pain is being felt.

Physiotherapy, Rest, Pain relieving mild drugs Usage of Aculife: Daily for the first two weeks acupuncturee then every second or third day. More specifically to help treat muscular injury, discomfort or back pain Demonstrate at trade shows Results: