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The Anand Sahib is written in the Ramkali Raag by Guru Amar Das, the third Guru of the Sikhs. Anand Sahib also included in Nitnem. Read more. Collapse. The word Anand means complete happiness. The Anand Sahib is a collection of hymns in Sikhism, written in the Ramkali Raag by Guru Amar Das Ji, the third. Explore, Learn, Relish Anand Sahib with audio at

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When our performance on the earth in relationship to the yurmukhi material things is not balanced, how can a person be happy? How good a house we have?

Featured Jobs No featured jobs found. But if you do not see your own soul within your own concept saahib conception, you have wasted your life. It will reflect on the Guru. And today it is not going to be any different.

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This is how it works. You must be noble unto Infinity. How good a sofa we have in that house?

You are a part of ugrmukhi Infinity. In Sikh Dharma, everything is forgivable, but when you say something, you must live by it, because you are a disciple of the Shabad Guru. Have Anand with your own soul. Your enemy is your own mind.

It creates a rip. You must be anahd unto Infinity. There are ten trillion cells in the body. Join Our Email List. The gurmikhi cannot be controlled by you alone. We who follow the word of the Shabad will honor what we do, and we who are the Sikhs shall honor our being, our existence and our Inner Self, so that the world around us can totally understand who we are.


The Guru is a very consolidated, simple wisdom, which keeps our head in balance. Befriend your own soul. The pranic body creates the physical body to live on. Similarly, your own gurmukho is in you. Therefore, please understand, Anand is not in too much money.

If your soul is not your friend, what do other friendships mean? And that is what a Sikh is about. This is one gesture we do gurukhi that things may not go to our head in a wrong way. So prana comes in. I go to the bank and ask for money. What day will come when we will do things to please ourselves? Copyright the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Anand Sahib is from the Guru and for the Sikhs. Practice it and live it.

Without Infinity, you cannot relate to Infinity. All other approaches are to collect money from you. Your word should be like gold.

You will realize what you have, and what Guru Amar Das gave you as the best gift. Within burmukhi, your soul is that God.

The State and Psychology of Anand – Sikh Dharma International

You want to show that you are superior. And in confined form-God is you. But with all this creativity, why are we unhappy? That is why when we come to the Gurdwara ,2 we bow to the Guru.


The mental body works it out in a negative, positive, neutral form. A lot of people think that if they do A, B, C and Z they will be in bliss. When your mind controls you, and draws you out of you, and takes you where it wants to take you-you are going to default to dread.

The mind needs positive affirmations. The prana comes in. Whatever you have followed or not followed. It tells you in adversity you should have bliss. The most graceful thing about a Sikh was when we were before an enemy.

Nothing will work except your own work. In English, you have an equivalent of it called bliss. The Shabad 3 was the Guru of Naanak. The easiest and most educational Bani, which a person can read and understand, is the Anand Sahib.

The problem with being unhappy is the prana. We give the Guru that offering.