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BA(KOREA) NTE Equvilent NTEP TRANSISTOR PNP SILICON V IC= 1A TO GENERAL PURPOSE AMP. NTE Data Sheet Data Sheet. NTE. 2SBA transistor pinout, marking BA Sometimes the “2S” prefix is not marked on the package – the 2SBA transistor might be marked “BA”. BA datasheet, BA pdf, BA data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf.

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Alternatively, active queries may be established with the configuration database for configuration fault policies specific to each board type such that the slave SRMs are notified directly of changes to their default fault policies.

Nno redundancy or a combination of these redundancy structures.

B564A Datasheet

If the status did change, then communications have been stalled for the length of time between polls. In addition to the above needs, a configurable fault policy also allows purchasers of computer system 10 e. If, instead of restarting a particular application, the b56a4 fault experienced by line card 16 a requires the entire element to be shut down and rebooted, then all of the processes executing on line card 16 a will be terminated including backup processes ATM — The control processor subsystem also includes a memory subsystem 2830 a — 30 n including a combination of non-volatile or persistent e.

If the upgraded version of the application uses the same configuration data as an older version, then the view version may be the same dataaheet both applications. dtasheet

The configuration database may be slow to access especially since many other applications also access this database. In this example, Ethernet 32 provides an out-of-band control path, meaning that control information passes over Ethernet 32 but the network data being switched by computer system 10 passes to and from external network connections 31 a — 31 xx over a separate data path datasheeh Instead, the slave SRM running on dataeheet board may simply restart the failing process.


When the primary processes are restarted, backup state information is retrieved from backup processes executing on line card 16 b as explained above.

Alternatively, a master ATM application datwsheet shown running on central processor 12 may perform active queries of the configuration database and pass information to each slave ATM application running on the various line cards regarding the number of ATM interfaces each slave ATM application needs to spawn.

The number of processes and configurable objects in a modular software architecture can quickly grow especially in a distributed processing system.

If the MCD cannot communicate with the diagnostic program to learn the card type and version number, then the MCD assumes the slot is empty. Similarly, each instantiation of ATMsubscribes with name server and provides its name, process identification number and the name of each of the service endpoints in which it is interested.

Unfortunately, limiting the number of software releases also delays the release of new hardware.

Component List [B] page 11 :: Oxygen Electronics, LLC

In its simplest form, a distributed redundancy system provides software redundancy i. The logical model is capable of showing containment, that is, typically, there are many shelves per chassis 1: Consequently, a PID could be permanently assigned to the chassis, shelves and slots and stored in a file.

Downtime may occur unexpectedly days after an upgrade due to lurking software or hardware incompatibilities. All shelves and slots may not be populated.

In addition to configuring each system, the NMS also interprets data gathered by each system relevant to each system’s network accounting data, statistics, and fault logging and presents this to the user. In another aspect, the configuration database supports an active query feature and the NMS database is configured to establish an active query for all records within the configuration database to synchronize the NMS database with the embedded database.

US7051097B1 – Embedded database for computer system management – Google Patents

Computer system 10 is now ready to operate as a network switch using line card 16 a and ports 44 a — 44 d. Depending upon the fault policy managed by the slave SRMs on each board, the failure of an application or device driver may not immediately cause an automatic downgrade during an upgrade process. In some cases, only a single release per year is feasible. Port model is coupled to one or more specific port models, for example, synchronous optical network SONET protocol portand a physical service endpoint model There may be instances when downloading from a line card is quicker than downloading from central processor Instead each process is assigned a unique process identification that all IPC messages use.


If an application runs out of memory space, it notifies the operating system and asks for more memory. For example, instead of having the value field be a fixed number of bits, when an application registers a name and process identification number it may also register the number of bits it plans on using for the value field or any other field.

BA Datasheet catalog

Consequently, a failure is likely to only disrupt dafasheet on that datasheef port, and again, the SMS can further minimize the disruption by automatically downgrading datssheet configuration of that port oh the detection of an error.

Consolidated Electronics was created in February of To make a configuration change, the user informs the NMS of the particular change, and similar to the process for initial configuration, the NMS changes the appropriate tables in the configuration database copied to the NMS database to implement the change. All items listed on eBay. It should be understood, however, that the computer system could also be a central processing system or a combination of distributed and central processing and either loosely or tightly coupled.

The type field more specifically defines the subclass failure or event.