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Aditya Kripalani (born 20 October ) is an Indian filmmaker, writer, musician and producer. He is best known for his books Backseat, Frontseat and Tikli and. From the pristine beauty of Ratnagiri, tucked away on the Konkan shoreline, to the sea of solitude amidst the clutter of Mumbai Backseat traces. Aditya Kripalani and Sweta Chhabria met in college when they were 17, Soon after they got married, Aditya wrote a book called Back Seat.

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To ask other readers questions about Back Seatplease sign up. It was completely different and much, much satisfying.

Aditya Kripalani – EARS

Having donned so many artistic hats in your aditga, which one has given you the most satisfaction? I was just taken aback at the suddent events in the end but still liked the book for sure. A teenage boy from Bihar, after witnessing domestic abuse daily kripalanl his house, one day decides to act an A young girl, Asawari, loses her father in an accident during Ganapati Visarjan and then a few years later her first love, Aslam, is killed in a fight in Mumbai. This time I simply had to take a drive out in my car, get them to walk-in, make the payment, and then do what I had to do, kripalan to their surprise, was talking, and not sex.

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I’ve always been a fan of films with female protagonists: Aditya Kripalani

In all, you can pick this book up for a casual read if you are exploring Indian literature or want to see the essence of Mumbai painted in words. Maybe the qualms I had about the not-so-smooth ending of this book will change through it. Some how this book seems to me nice, a bollywood theme may be. Written By Chhavi Bhatia.


But what actually drew me to them was how these women are so full of life. The author has given them life, and how wonderfully vivid their journeys have been. The ex-bar dancer forced into prostitution, the migrant who becomes a driver by chance, the repressed housewife who decides to break free one day, the producer’s son and his underworld connections, are all stereotypes, but through them, the author gives life to the city.

Sonia rated it really liked it Apr 05, Laxmi represents the old order.

She launched a crowd-funding campaign in Singapore, sent out emails requesting people to donate funds, and hosted an event. This book definitely stands out in the present day Indian literature where the market is flooded with mindless romance written by half-boiled writer beans. As a director, the most challenging part has been handling issues of so many people for days at a stretch, which is still going on.

Talking about details, there is this one situation when the female protagonist is advising her best friend how to dress better and ways to control her better half and she is doing all this while preparing crab masala which almost makes you learn how it is prepared I began my research 10 years ago when I started work on my first book, Back Seat. Deepanjan Basu marked it as to-read Jul 13, Queen, meanwhile, was an exception. I pride myself in being a fast reader but even by my own standards, this was the fastest read I’ve ever done.

Aditya Kriplani has managed to capture the essence of Mumbai, wrap it up with rightly chosen words to describe it, and when he presents it to the reader, the essence is not lost one bit. This book gives a good account of Mumbai and its nightlife.

Front Seat

The story manages to depict the various aspects such as drugs, prostitution, business constitution, unexpected camaraderie, plight of the poor people in contrast with the rich, etc rather realistically backseaf a huge plus in the otherwise not-so-intriguing plot.


Two years ago, he wrote an album of songs that he decided to release to the general public instead of the usual route.

It was later picked up by a publisher, and Aditya had no trouble finding a distributor for his second book. You just have to read the book to know! Looking forward to the sequel. Loved the way each character is built, where each one is cocooned in their artificial reality, yet is yearning for the very basic emotion, need called Love.

The characters are uni-dimensional, though on a few occasions, they get out of their skin and go roaming randomly. It is their aditja and they accept and live it the way it is. This book starts off with promise of being a different take but somehow ends up like a Bollywood movie. Am a foodie and if I had to describe this piece of art. While I still could digest the profanities bacskeat the book, what left me disappointed was the ending which was brusque, as if the author was in a real hurry to finish off the book.

When Vijay and Nikita, turn from strangers to friends to lovers, somehow the whole transition seemed abrupt. Trivia About Back Seat. First published in the August issue of eShe magazine Share: He also worked as script consultant, screenplay writer or assistant director in six movies. Well, for them it is not as complicated as perhaps we see backweat as.