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A captivating paranormal from a rising voice in erotic romance. As undisputed Alpha, Rafael must choose a life mate to preserve the dominance of his. Karin Tabke, author of The Chronicles of Katrina, begins her exciting, passion- filled Blood Moon Rising trilogy with Blood Law, a sizzling paranormal romance, . A National bestseller! For all eternity, only one thing shall separate them—until the Blood Law is avenged The coming of the Blood Moon will lead two Lycan.

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I really enjoyed seeing their relationship develop and it added so much depth to an already intriguing story. Now, with only one child left at home and hubby retired from law enforcement, Karin happily pounds out those steamy scenes at her keyboard.

The author provided me with a copy of Blood Law. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Warmer lips pressed to her neck. Horror Horror Romance Romance Books.

Blood Law: Blood Moon Rising Book 1 : Karin Tabke :

The hostility between the brothers. Rafael was supposed to be the leader but he left their people in the hands of Lucien and disappeared for many years.

Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. It was the most erotic dream she had ever had. Then he meets Falon and initially is prepared to sacrifice her so he can take a real Lycan mate and their Pack can flourish.

One of the strongest elements of this story is the mythology. So much so, that the members are unable to mate or reproduce until their alpha does. Can Rafael give Falon up to Lucien for the good of his pack and the future of all Lycans?

As undisputed Alpha, Rafael must choose a life mate to preserv For all eternity, only one thing shall separate them—until the Blood Law is avenged… The coming of the Blood Moon will lead two Lycan packs into war, spur two rival brothers into conflict, and spark an act of vengeance so evil that its effects will be felt for generations. As his need for revenge rages with his desire to claim, Lucien begins to delight in tormenting Falon by using hers and his sexual awareness to further pollute Rafael’s life and corrupting the love he and Falon share.


Tonight, he would avenge hundreds of slain Lycans, including his own mother and father. Awakening from a kagin turned reality, Falon finds herself thrown into the mix of a previously unknown world where mythical creatures actually do exist. I feel bad for him. I felt like I was reading a fantasy adventure like Underworld. The urgency in her blood demanded more.

The Language of Sycamores. She just get these feelings that something bad is about to happen, so she does what she does best, she runs. He cannot ignore the voice inside him that urges him to mark her, to mate with her.

As the swing reached its full rotation, he unwound his leg from the chains and leapt onto the bottom of the east ramp that led to the platform, then bounded onto the platform where the girl stood screaming bloody murder. He leapt straight up, grabbing into a think, blunt hook looped over the swing arm. Never did they belive that they’d end up becoming enemies.

I loved this book. The need for more took over. To top everything off, she doesn’t tell Rafael!

Time is running out For the Lycans, this saying translates to Blood Law. And one woman stands at the center of it all Whether your taste runs to passionate, romantic historicals, sexy, exciting suspense, edgy, provocative paranormals or quirky, fun contemporaries, this is the home of exceptional romance for every mood.


Their connection is a pull she cannot escape, and the heat and desire between them is irresistible. Falon Corbet has always known she was different but different is a rarely a blessing. May 03, Ashley rated it liked it Shelves: I’ve never really been a fan of shape-shifting novels.

No longer did she feel the pain from that terrible attack. When i first started reading this book, i really thought that Rafael would be cold-blooded, harsh, dominating, bad-boy type of a guy, but he was really a strong, powerful, nice guy!

Blood Law: Blood Moon Rising Book 1

Long has Lucien been waiting for his revenge, to getting to kill Rafael’s soulmate, and then she comes, Falon. Rafael came home from a spiritual quest to find his table Summary: Has she met them before? While trying to get away with her life a gorgeous blond comes in and kills off Conan. You just know that this one is gonna get a whole lot more messy before things are put right. While she can’t promise the news will be regular, she does promise to update you when there is something exciting to share.

They’ve waited too long for the Blood Moon. I wanted to know everything about their long vendetta with the Slayers. And even though they might love each other, and be the only hope for their kind, Lucien is obsessed by making his life mission to make his brother’s life miserable, by taking the his blopd like Rafael did Lucien’s