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ACTIVE. Operating Instructions. Frequency Inverter V / V. kW. BONFIGLIOLI VECTRON recommends the connection of the device to mains volt . for industrial field. Bonfiglioli Vectron delivers products and services for completely integrated inverter solutions. These solutions complement Bonfiglioli’s power. BACK TO BONFIGLIOLI. ACTIVE and ACTIVE Cube Installation manual – Feed -through mounting Frequency Inverter V / V kW. ACTIVE und ACTIVE Cube Installations anleitung – Durchsteckmontage Frequenzumrichter V.

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The SinCos encoder can be powered as follows: With the example values, the following results are obtained: Parallel shaft Gearmotors S Series Voltage input and voltage outputs for encoder power supply Terminal XA.

Bonfiglioli Active Cube User Manual

The identifier range Status Of Digital Signals Status of digital signals The bonnfiglioli of the digital signals can be read decimal coding via parameter Digitaland This auxiliary voltage enables powering an encoder via the voltage output of the control terminal.

If a frequency inverter has been defined as a system bus master, the latter must generate the SYNC telegram. Definition Of The Communication Relationships 7. The selection of the functions depends on the parameterized configuration. The brake resistors offer bonfuglioli inexpensive solution to dissipate generator power that occurs at deceleration.

The maximum voltage of the power supply is DC 12 V. We would also like to point out that the contents of this documentation ative not form part of any pre- vious or existing agreement, assurance or legal relationship.


People mobility Escalators and moving walks.

Sampling interval Honfiglioli frequency encoders often use a sampling rate in the millisecond range. The maximum Baud rate depends on the necessary total cable length of the system bus. This exists for each of the three PDO channels. This is done via parameter The PTC input is not insulated.

Active Series

Attention must be paid to the fact that only bonfiglloli master for each SDO channel may exist in a system. The maximum telegram run time of the PDOs is thus stipulated via the set baud rate. Always set the first and then set Supply voltage Power The extension module is assembled simply by plugging on without tools being needed thanks to the modular set-up of the frequency inverters of the ACU series of devices.

Definition of the communication relationships 2. The table is available bonfiglikli a Microsoft Word document “kbl. The specifications and instructions contained in the documentation must be complied with strictly during installation and commissioning. For a safe operation of the frequency inverter it is necessary that the documentation and the device specifications be complied with during installa- tion and commissioning.

Absolute Value Encoder – Raw Data 8. Owing to the great number of encoder types and special solutions not documented publicly, Bonfiglioli Vectron will not accept any responsibility for the settings specified.

  ISO 3601-1 PDF

Page 4 System bus interface Vertical conveying Bucket elevator.

Cables For the bus line, use twisted a cable with harness shield no foil shield. Depending on the encoder system used, certain parameters need to be set up.

Active Cube Series : Bonfiglioli

In some cases, the bits are also used for transmitting additional information not required for encoder evaluation in the frequency inverter. Range of applications of encoders Depending on the motor and encoder type used there are restrictions as to usability in applications.

Refer to the encoder manufacturer’s power specifi- cations. Load system bus Baud rate [kBaud]: This assignment can be altered by pa- rameterization. This product features high performance control and unbeatable advantages in scalability and compact size.

Baggage Claim Baggage conveyor systems. Generally, there are three different application types: Depending on the application boundaries, certain EMC levels must be achieved.

Active Series : Bonfiglioli

I may revoke my declaration of consent at any time to the company for future marketing communications by writing to corporatemkt bonfiglioli. Unloading Car dumper solutions. Page Bonnfiglioli Unit Setting range Chapter 7.