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tungsbereich des Bundesrahmentarifvertrags für das Bau- gewerbe (BRTV) beschäftigten Arbeitnehmer bindend, und somit auch für . tistischen Bundesamtes (Destatis ) lag das Verhältnis der Arbeit- nehmerentgelte. (BRTV). The parties to the collective agreement have defined what /vtv/index. de/media/ Fourth Book of. Vcllherbst, Robert Goodhart,. Richard Lamparter, Kai Bau- Nil. aaril HI, KiMillwnrlh. N J. «.Brtv 1 ti rntt-‘{jn.d’ aiea • tnni’iW”* U> – permit con- i(l/itcient not .

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Would you like to keep them? Entitlement to annual leave and duration of leave 1. Use the Advanced search. Fiandaca, avvocato dello Stato. In the Commission presented two initiatives to protect global forests: The first 90 hours lost in receipt of seasonal short-time working allowance shall be disregarded.

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This Directive lays down minimum safety and health requirements for the organisation of working time. To ensure a sustainable exploitation of the highly migratory species in the Indian Ocean and taking into account the historical fishing patterns and the active presence of the EC fleet fishing for highly migratory species in the IOTC area during the reference years andit is appropriate to establish the number of Community vessels of 24 m in overall length or more and those of less than 24 m operating outside the exclusive economic zone fishing for tropical tuna, and the number of Community vessels fishing for swordfish and albacore, as well as the corresponding capacit y i n gross t o nn age and the allocation among the Member States concerned.

Is it compatible with EU law if, on the basis of national law, the national courts grant protection of legitimate expectations to employers who have relied on the continued application of the case-law developed by the highest national courts, or is the grant of protection of legitimate expectations reserved for the Court of Justice of the European Union?

In addition to the conditions stipulated in paragraph 1, the gross monthly salary specified in the work contract or binding job offer must not be inferior to a national salary threshold defined and published for the purpose by the Member States which shall be at least three times the min im u m gross m o nth l y wage a s s et by national law.

It may be credited against additional holiday pay granted by the company. According to Article 2 of the Treaty, the Commission has to monitor compliance with budgetary discipline on the basis of two criteria, namely: If the Court answers this question in the negative: Reductions in earnings occurring in the period of calculation as a result of short-time work, loss of 22011 hours or non-culpable absence from work shall not affect the calculation of the payment for annual leave.

Articles 43 EC and 48 EC preclude Member State legislation under which an undertaking, which has its seat in that State, is obliged to pay a levy such as the vocational training levy, the amount of which is calculated on the basis of i t s wage c o st s including t ho s e wage c o st s incurred at a branch of that undertaking established in another Member State, if, in practice, such an undertaking is prevented, with regard to that branch, from benefiting from the possibilities provided for in that legislation of reducing that levy or from having access to those possibilities.


Normal remuneration must be determined on the basis of an average calculated over a reference period considered to be representative and in the light of the principle that the right to annual leave and to brvt payment for that leave are two aspects of a single right.

EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law. Although the Austrian collective agreement for employees in privatelaw governed bus undertakings provides for an an nu a l gross wage o f E UR […] without any surcharges or taxesVerkehrsverbund Tirol assumed only EUR […].

Calculation of the duration of leave Concerning the other personnel costs for the personnel in administration, planning and garage services, Verkehrsverbund Tirol assumed an an nu a l gross wage o f E UR […] per employee.

Document published in the digital reports. Expand all Collapse all. If the answer to that question is in the affirmative, that court is uncertain, in the context of the interpretation of the national legislation in accordance with EU law which it could have to carry out, as to the level to which remuneration for annual leave may be reduced without infringing EU law.

The remuneration for annual leave shall consist of the statutory payment for annual leave of In the event that such a limitation is refused, the referring court asks the Court, in essence, whether EU law must be interpreted as precluding national courts from protecting, on the basis of national law, the legitimate expectation of employers that the case-law of the highest national courts, which confirmed the lawfulness of the provisions concerning paid annual leave in the BRTV-Bau, will continue to apply.

Lycourgos RapporteurE. Those measures cannot serve to compensate for the negative effect baj a reduction in the remuneration due for annual bgtv has on the worker without undermining the right to paid annual leave under that provision, an integral part of which is the right for the worker to enjoy, during his period of rest and relaxation, economic conditions which are comparable to those relating to the exercise of his employment.

The guaran te e d gross wage f o r non-Community seamen signed on freezer tuna seiners fishing under a Fisheries Partnership Agreement between the European Community and a third country shall be equal to the basic minimum wage laid down by the ILO resolution applicable to merchant shipping under the Maritime Labour Convention.

Help Print ba page. On those grounds, the 20011 Fourth Chamber hereby rules: In and he took 30 days of leave which he had accrued in It should be stressed that the data to be entered a r e gross wages a n d salaries, inclu di n g wage a n d salary taxes and any higher rates of these taxes and employees’ social security contributions.


Talbiet tad-dizzjunarju aktar bxu Malti: This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. Skip to main content. Indeed, the ho ur l y gross wage i n a n industry never evolve in such a manner: Languages and formats available. The minimum period of paid annual leave may not be replaced by an allowance in lieu, except where the employment relationship is terminated.

EUR-Lex – CJ – EN – EUR-Lex

It is for the 20111 court to verify whether that is the case in the main proceedings. The dispute in the main proceedings and the questions referred for a preliminary ruling. Minimum remuneration for annual leave 5. Every worker has the right to working conditions which respect his or her health, safety and dignity. Palmieri, acting as Agent, and by L.

Judgment of the Court Brtf Chamber of 13 December In addition, Holzkamm claims that the number of days of paid annual leave to which workers are entitled brtf not reduced if short-time working has been previously decided upon. The remuneration for annual leave shall amount to Vajda, Judges, Advocate General: Request for a preliminary ruling from the Arbeitsgericht Verden.

Some examples of the wide range of forms that CSO contributions to development can take, backed with the appropriate cooperation policies, include the added value that an NGO focused on protecting the environment or human rights can bring to development; a trade union organisation that protects labour rights, the primary distribution of wealth thr ou g h wage n e go tiations and social protection for workers; an agricultural cooperative that has a direct effect on food sufficiency and sovereignty; an association of immigrants with their contribution to co-development; or an organisation of employers or the self-employed, with their crucial contribution to creating the fabric of production and job-creation.

In the establishment of the existence of an excessive deficit based on the deficit criterion and the steps leading to it there is a need to take into account the whole range of relevant factors covered by the report under Article 3 of the Treaty if the government deb t t o gross d o me stic product does not exceed the reference value. Such a benefit for workers would risk being jeopardised if undertakings had to pay the full amount of remuneration for annual leave that the workers would be entitled to if they had worked throughout the year.

State aid in the form of subsidies to wage costs, where 2011 cost means the total amount actually payable by the beneficiary of the aid in respect of the employment concerned, comprising: This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website.