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Set on fictional Jar Island, this first collaboration between Han (We’ll Always Have Summer) and Vivian (The List) follows three teenage girls. : Burn for Burn (The Burn for Burn Trilogy) (): Jenny Han, Siobhan Vivian: Books. : Fire with Fire (The Burn for Burn Trilogy) (): Jenny Han, Siobhan Vivian: Books.

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Reeve is sorry, he really is. And then there is the “what genre do I shelve this as? With so much going on constantly, I never wanted this book to end. I don’t know, I really don’t remember much.

Kat is the badass girl that everyone envies, she’s not afraid to do anything and is so loyal and strong that you can’t help but fall in love with her good side. Just how far will these three year-olds go? For me, that’s the equivalent of catnip 2. It hit the right notes of friendship, revenge, and ofr, and I just sunk my teeth into it. I don’t really understand this. But I did feel that Rennie was outrageously Mean Girl at some points; henny completely played out the Evil Cheerleader Captain with great aplomb, from telling a girl her thighs are the size of Texas, to telling another that she has a skin problem.

Burn for Burn Series by Jenny Han

Burn for Burn is such an exciting read. Siobhn I thought I knew my feelings when it concerned Mary, but the ending just completely threw me. He must have been terrified, some random cute girl claiming to be the same girl who he drove to suicide five years earlier. It’s bjrn naive hope that’s realistic, knowing what she’s been through. This book deals with issues like date rape, underaged sex, bullying in the true sense of the wordand suicide. When she finds out that Reeve has feelings for Lillia, she and the girls form a plan to make him fall even deeper in love with Lillia, and then crush him.


None of the girls can act on their revenge fantasies alone without being suspected. Karma siobgan suck it! Mary was a little meh during the first few chapters, but I grew to like her more eventually.

Rennie, the Regina to her Janis, has backstabbed her one too many times and now her knife’s b and ready to shine. Lillia and Kat now barely talk to each other. And that ending is crazy! The main characters seemes very good to me, I think the fact that the three girls were so different in personality, makes much more interesting plot and for this same reason you never know what decisions they’ll bunr each Kat is the tough of the group, what I like about this character is that she has a very strong personality and I think it’s a natural leader for the group of the three girls, I also like the fact that she willn’t let anyone influence her way of being, I would describe her as a bad girl, but shows amd has a big heart on more than one occasion.

Burn For Burn was fun. The girls are up to the task.

Books by Jenny Han. Dec 21, ArmyGirls Read too marked it as to-read. Grab your copy of Burn for Burn next weekend and start the trilogy. This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Can anyone explain to me what the hell Mary is?


Quotes from Fire with Fire.

Burn for Burn

Oh my, ooh lala! Burn For Burn Spoilers. Or that your target changed for the better? Burn for Burn 1. I received this copy from the publisher. I cannot even tell you how excited I was to read this book. Not only does she have secrets, but her secrets have secrets. Okay, I’d have to admit that I didn’t see viviwn Mary thing coming.

That is not an issue in Burn for Burn. It’s so fun and such a fast read! It made me just see the people I sionhan like in a different light. Well, I can’t say I saw that plot twist coming! Things add up and then they don’t. I viviann all of the characters, they each have their own personalities and I love how they all interacted. And that’s why so many people act like she’s invisible, because she really is.

Burn for Burn (Burn for Burn, #1) by Jenny Han

That was my biggest complaint about the book and the series. Lillia is most concerned about henny sister, she acts more like a mother to Nadia. Or even if the source of your humiliation is as bad as you think, how low do you go?