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CFGQ Silicon Labs 8-bit Microcontrollers – MCU 25 MHz 16 kB 8- bit MCU datasheet, inventory, & pricing. Explore the latest datasheets, compare past datasheet revisions, and confirm part lifecycle. CF datasheet, CF pdf, CF data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Silicon Laboratories, Full Speed USB, 16k ISP FLASH MCU Family.

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This mode is available for Endpoints The lower bytes of data memory are used for general purpose registers and scratch pad memory.

This datasheett sets the priority of the SPI0 interrupt.

Turbo J 6, 1 17 This bit is set to logic 1 if the sum of the eight bits in the accumulator is odd and cleared if the sum is even. Suspend signaling is detected on the bus. SBUF0, it goes to the transmit shift register and is held for serial transmis- sion. Locations 0x00 through 0x1F are addressable as four banks of general purpose registers, each bank consisting dafasheet eight byte-wide registers Flash Error system reset will be generated. Post as a guest Name.

C8051F320 8051 8-bit Microcontroller, 25 MHz, 16 Flash(kB)

The Flash access feature provides a mechanism for the CIP to update program code and use the program memory space for non-volatile data storage. In this mode, the maximum packet size is halved and the FIFO may contain two packets at a time.

General Purpose Flags c80051f320.

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The architecture of the trace creates a capacitive element.

I’ve added 2 resistor to be able to share the c2ck programming pin with a reset button. An interrupt will occur if enabled when either TI0 or RI0 is set. The development kit contents may also be used to program and debug the device on the production PCB using the appropriate connections for the program- ming pins When c8051ff320 digital resource is selected, the least-significant unassigned Port pin is assigned to that resource excluding UART0, which is always at pins 4 and 5 Port pin is assigned, the Crossbar skips that pin when assigning the next selected resource System Management Bus Specification — Version 1.

Any of the following may be selected as the positive input: Writing a byte to SBUF0 initiates the transmission. Second, the configurable sensitivity makes the switches easy to use with a variety of materials covering the PCB, such as plexiglass, glass, or various plastics.

SPI0 interrupt set to low priority level. Two datahseet ator outputs may be routed to a Port pin if desired: Integrated transceiver; no external resistors required.

CF datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits Full Speed USB, 16 K ISP FLASH MCU Family

This bit mimics the instantaneous value that is present on the NSS port pin at the time that the register is read. Enable interrupt requests generated by SMB0. Each device is specified for 2. Note that the shown response options are only the typical responses; application-specific procedures are allowed as long as they conform to the SMBus specification I have EP1 as 64B when not double-buffered and 32B when double-buffered.


Lost arbitration while attempting STOP. The selected device should be configured according to Equation C2 Interface Figure By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you dataseet read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Locking any Flash page also locks the page containing the Lock Byte.

This was also my first Home-etched double sided board, a total failure, top and button sides seemed perfectly aligned, but a few mills off ruined some pads and traces where holes where drilled.

SCK line low in idle state. Up to 17 or 13 external single-ended or differential. This bit selects the source datqsheet the internal voltage reference. Additional switches can be supported using an external multiplexer. Internal Oscillator Suspend Mode Comparator0 rising-edge interrupt disabled. Touch sensitive switches are found in a variety c8051f30 consumer products including home appliances, MP3 players and cell phones. Double-buffering enabled for the selected IN endpoint. Operate as a master.

Serial Port 0 Control.

It also has a target application board with the CF MCU installed, the necessary cables for connection to a PC, and a wall-mount power supply.

This bit sets the priority of the Darasheet 3 interrupt. Crystal oscillator circuits are quite sensitive to PCB layout. Setting this bit will place the CIP in Stop mode.