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The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) has started seizing vessels for violating provisions of the Cabotage Law. “This is the time for the Federal Government to give the necessary support to NIMASA and see to the implementation of the Cabotage Act. of the Coastal and Inland Shipping (Cabotage) Act, and the Guidelines for its Does the Cabotage Act require a ship to be Nigerian-flagged before it can.

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It was a sad experience for indigenous ship owners whose hopes were dashed, as the foreign shipowners have ngeria ways of circumventing the law Cabotage under which they were dragged to court. Read the original article on Vanguard.

Any person who contravenes any provision of this Act or any regulations made there under commits an offence and shall no conviction, where no specific penalty is prescribed thereof, be liable to a fine not less than N, Waiver on wholly Nigerian ownership. The minister shall immediately after the commencement of this Act issue regulations and guidelines which shall permit foreign owned vessels engaged in the domestic trade, a temporary registration in the Nigerian Registry, which registration shall cover the duration of the contract for which the vessels are employed.

Extract from Gazette No. The Tide Newspaper is the most respected source of news and information for readers in Nigeriawith the latest stories on politics and current affairs, business and technology, sports, culture and the arts, as well as the popular citylife supplement, with nightlife news, restaurant reviews and top events.

Clerk to the National Assembly 23 rd day of April This Act may be cited as the coastal and inland shipping Cabotage Act, In the case of any vessel that, immediately prior to the coming into force of cabotagw Act, is operating pursuant to a valid coastal trade license under the Merchant Shipping Act or Sea Fisheries Act, the provisions of this Act shall apply to that vessel in respect of any activity authorized to be performed by the license would otherwise have expired had this Act not come into force.


Any vessel registered under this Nigerian Registry at the date of coming into force of cabotagee Act and who is over 15 adt old shall continue to be eligible for participation in the coastal trade for a period of five years after the commence of this Act provided the vessel possesses a certificate of registry and a certificate of seaworthiness from a recognized classification Authority.

Failure to comply with a requirement etc. How many indigenous ship owning company has it registered sincewhen actual implementation of Cabotage started and how many foreign? Mainstreaming The Niger Delta.

Ongoing road reconstruction opposite Area B police station. Requisition of Vessels by Minister. In the performance of his duties under this part, the minister shall take due care and carry out adequate investigation to ascertain the true ownership of vessels and ship owning companies and shall issue guidelines for determination thereof which shall include.

Nigeria: Cabotage Law – Nimasa Begins Clamp Down On Non-Compliant Vessels –

When an offence is committed by a vessel under sections 3,4,5,6 and 21 on more than one day or is continued by the vessel for more than one day, it shall be deemed to be a separate offence for each day on which the offence is committed or continued. Has Cabotage impacted on Nigeria as a whole?


Laws of the Federation of Nigeria. Offences against this Act.

Except as expressly provided in this Act, nothing in this Act shall affect the rights of any party to any proceedings commenced in any court on or before the commencement of this Act.

Duration of a waiver Merchant Shipping Act ii. Short title nigerai the Act.

Nigeria: Cabotage Law – Nimasa Begins Clamp Down On Non-Compliant Vessels

Cabotage Vessel financing Fund. The Minister shall immediately after the commencement of this Act, establish and publish the criteria and guidelines for the issuance of cabotagd under this Act.

Grant of licence to foreign vessels and conditions. Application to Foreign Vessels.

Cabotage Services | Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA)

A foreign owned and foreign crewed vessels shall not participate in the domestic coastal trade without the avt and authorization required by the provisions of this Act. President of the Federal Cabktage of Nigeria. Even though we acknowledge the new initiative of NIMASA, we are of the opinion that the Act died on arrival after it was given to people who had no idea of what their mandate as far as Cabotage Act is concerned. There lies our pessimism! The beneficiaries of the fund shall be Nigerian citizens and shipping companies wholly owned by Nigerians.

False misleading statements