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5th Insight; 6th Insight; 7th Insight; 8th Insight; 9th Insight; 10th Insight; 11th Insight; 12th Insight .. The Celestine Prophecy: Second Insight Experience Study. I found The Tenth Insight to be even more powerful than The Celestine Prophecy. Putting all of the spiritual lessons we have learned to work and keeping our. The Tenth Insight is the sequel to Redfield’s earlier book, The Celestine Prophecy. In order to understand why The Tenth Insight is so disappointing.

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No one is here by accident.

The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision

Each soul creates a reality around itself, which later brings consequences upon it. Mar 28, Tara rated it liked it. Return to Prophec Page.

We can maintain our optimism and stay awake, and integrate the previous Insights, by seeing our lives from the higher perspective of the “Afterlife. The Truth is when all cekestine them A great overview of the original ten insights.

The increased consciousness and the chance happenings and meeting of people.

The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision Summary & Study Guide

We truly are all souls just trying to find our path, I have mixed feelings with this one. Because the world is split into those that are spiritually headed towards this grand unification of sprits and those who are stuck with fear cue up Revelations here.

I read the Celestine Prophecy and I hated it. To gain energy, we tend to manipulate or force others to give us attention and their energy.

The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision – Wikipedia

Due to the strong knsight he has with Charlene, he enters the forest and in the process meets again with Wil, who has already progressed beyond the 9th Insight, and is experiencing the 10th Insight, one that has never been written down.

When we seek the ethic of giving and not taking from, or manipulating others, we step into consciousness. Intuitions, however, are not part of our deliberation over a problem or goal.


Following Your Intuition With our mission in mind, and as our lives move forward, we begin to notice Synchronicities aimed at our ultimate calling. Then, as we move through the stages of life, it comes back into awareness.

Together and separately, they all develop awareness that inight were connected in a previous existence, and that they are celestihe share relationships with the powerful forces of the Birth Vision, the World Vision, the Soul Group, and the group of seven.

Sep 25, Breakdown rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Becoming awakened and aware of your own ability to uplift others with your energy. Our control dramas from our childhood hold us back and must be “cleared” or transcended Seventh Insight.

On the other hand, most of the Insights were oversimplifications of very complex issues and metaphysical principles, which became progressively more vague and unbelievable.

To enter into a family that would abandon me, sexual abuse, child abuse I recommend reading the first book for sure! Are three decades of interest in modern physics, ecology, mystical religion and interpersonal psychology finally synthesizing into a new spiritual “common sense”? Once he spends some time really thinking about the pain it more or less just goes away. The first book was about a man who found out about a manuscript that was discovered that described better ways for humans to live their lives and to realize that there is more to life than just the material world.

Actual note found inside ijsight library copy of this book, so I’m posting it for posterity and giving it one star. Jun 15, Kim rated it really liked it.

Tenth Insight Review

A sense of lightness and buoyancy, along with the constant sensation of love, are measures of this connection. He comes across Wil remember Wil, the native Peruvian with the non-Peruvian name who is now lrophecy interdimentional traveler I guess the ninth insight does more than make you invisible and an evil power generating experiment that has a bunch of celestlne in the other dimension a little nervous.


If you have read the first one and liked crlestine, then I definitely recommend picking up the second one! Now why did I chose this life experience? The Celestine Prophecy is like that to me. Feb 10, Adrienna rated it it was ok. More summaries and resources for teaching or studying The Tenth Insight: These helpers are also being given intuitive suggestions of how they can help us.

This knowledge is contributing to our determination to pursue every intuitive celestime that comes to mind, and keep it firmly in awareness. Why is our world today set up to have immediate access […] Read More. It is an energetically connected environment that is spiritually constructed to bring our greatest dreams into fruition.

As a friend of mine put it, the book reads like a poorly scripted low-budget made-for-TV movie, with strained plotting, stereotyped bad guys the Catholic Church and the Peruvian governmentand stilted dialogue.

There is no conspiratorial evil in the world, no satanic celestjne to which we fall prey – there is only human fear, and the bizarre ways that humans try to ward it off. We begin to comprehend insigut real nature of prayer and guided purpose. So we distract ourselves with various compulsive activities designed to make our misery go away.

Join the adventure and let this synchronistic perception guide you through a daring search for the remaining insights. Characterization is appallingly thin, action scenes are poorly handled, and time and time again the reader is exposed to unbelievable dialogue and lectures by characters who just happen to wander into each other at the most opportune times.