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Enterprise API Examples · Tutorials. See Also: Tutorial for Running Examples. CFEngine Manual. Table of Contents. Table of Contents. CFEngine CFEngine is a configuration management system that provides a framework for.

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Windows registry managementUp: I’ve not seen that error before, but I think I can see where it comes from. I wrote this before I started working with pluginsand knew about those kind of things. Windows ACLs are a complex topic by itself, with support for more than ten different permission bits and cfenfine.

The CFEngine reference manual documents exactly which promises are ignored and not. Posted by siprbaum If the example contains a body documenttation control section, delete it.

CFEngine master Documentation – Home

It should generate no output, which indicates correct syntax and license. Sorry you are correct, please see the updated code here: CFEngine Enterprise can maintain complete control of the state of all Windows services.

Windows registry managementPrevious: All software dependencies are bundled with the CFEngine Enterprise package. The Windows version of CFEngine Enterprise defines hard classes to pinpoint the exact version of Windows that it is running on, the service pack version and if it’s a server or workstation. This makes it impossible for CFEngine to know where the executable ends and the parameters to it starts.

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At the time when I tried it setting the package format to “dpkg” meant using Sun packages, rather than Debian ones. To avoid this, use the background attribute in the action body-part.

CFEngine 3.7 Manual

Edit this to your domain, e. Eventually, when you are done testing and want to bootstrap a Windows host to a policy server, please run the following command against a Linux-based policy server, as advised in the CFE Enterprise getting started document.

Those are some major changes from what was available before. With CFEngine this is simple. We now have a basic skeleton policy that we can test our Windows promises with. We’ve described setting up a small network of hosts managed by CFEngine previously, but once installed what do you do with it?

You cannot have duplicate documrntation bodies i. Policies contain bundleswhich are collections of promises. Posted by ultraplexer Also note the registryvalue function which can be used to read out value data from the registry and act upon it. The Windows msi -packages will get silently installed no prompts to Cfengine under your program files directory e. A potential problem source when writing policies for windows is that paths to executables often contain spaces.

Now, go to your terminal e.

I know that the documentation is a little bit rare about this fact. Windows hard classesUp: Yeah the sample file is just that – a sample.


Windows share paths double backslashes also need escaping. I think that it could be added quite easily though.

Provided somebody doesn’t show me where I’m missing this feature I may try to code it up sometime. In the variable declaration, replace “cftesting” with your domain name:. System requirementsUp: A service can also be given xocumentation running state, in which case CFEngine Enterprise ensures that it is running, and starts it if it is not, with parameters if desired.

CFE Enterprise supports all of this, but we will just cover the basics in this document. File and folder permissionsPrevious: On the plus side it is cleaner and has more flexability. By default, only promise not repaired and generic error events are logged to avoid flooding the Event Log. You can download both from here:. Sorry for the error.

Agent documentatjon are only evaluated by cf-agentthe agent component of CFEngine. You can turn on verbose logging to log all messages, like the following example.