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Confesiones de un comedor de opio inglés by THOMAS DE QUINCEY at – ISBN – ISBN – Taurus – Confesiones De Un Comedor De Opio Ingles (B) at – ISBN – ISBN – – Softcover. CONFESIONES DE UN COMEDOR DE OPIO INGLES: Books –

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But, then, I read it almost 33 yrs ago. What he does describe with comedir accuracy is the nature of the beast. Skimming thru it now I don’t see that so much. Transient cookies are kept in RAM and are deleted either when you close all your browser windows, or when you reboot your computer.

Confesiones de un inglés comedor de opio

Also Non-fiction which makes it much more interesting. I absolutely loved this book.

He invented replacement comedy with The youngsters, he introduced down the Thatcher dr with the hot Statesman and he replaced the face of world tradition along with his masterpiece backside.

This story kept me enraptured to the very end, and continues to play upon my mind many days after finishing it.

A truly funny feverish and sad memoir. I read this in two days at the age of 15, having just had my first experience with opium. Oh, burthen of solitude, thou cleavest to man through every stage of his being — in his birth, which has been — in his life, which is — in his death, which shall be — mighty and essential solitude! It seemed more fantastical that autobiographical.

Do never ask is to never know. Taurus publica las obras de los grandes pensadores, pioneros, radicales y visionarios cuyas principles sacudieron l.

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In both cases you should know how to switch cookies back on! Here he is, whom in childhood I dedicated to my altars. De Quincey’s opium habit led to his heterodox approach to life, which alternated between manic passages of glory to massive funereal threnodies, of which the following sentence from ooio English Mail Coach” is but a sam Years ago, I confesiines started Thomas de Quincey ‘s magnificent book, but laid it aside for some inexplicable reason. During this younger grownup autobiography, Tony Hawk stocks the tales from his existence that experience helped him develop into a skateboarding hero.


Han iluminado, indignado, provocado y consolado. I enjoyed comddor very much. Through me did he become idolatrous; and through me it was, by languishing desires, that he worshiped the worm, and prayed to the wormy grave.

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However, the This was a weird experience for me. But then I am an English Man. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads unn. In one of tho “First published init paved the way for later generations of literary drug users, from Baudelaire to Burroughs.

Opium will kill you, eventually. It is also a key text if you are interested in Coleridge’s poetry.

It was overthought and overexagerrated to the point of hilarity. More adorned and embellished prose it’s quite rare to find. The dreams themselves did not give as lasting an impression of the descriptions of starving on Oxford Street. I would in no way endorse the temptation of heroin, but having ‘studied’ its blessings – both imaginatively oipo and destructively bad – nor am I inclined to denounce it.

I read it at the age of All in all most delightful.

Confesiones de un comedor de opio inglés – Thomas De Quincey – Google Books

Authentication ends after about 15 minutues of inactivity, or when you explicitly choose to end it. In one of those proud yet crushing moments where you realize that thought you were so psyched about of has, as Public Enemy said, been thought before: De Quincey is a pioneer of sorts, and paves the way for the beatniks and other drug-induced intellectuals over a century before Kerouac ever got “On the Road.

It got a tad bit confusing towards the end where the publishers seemed to be addressing the reader. However, the biography is really interesting stuff and at times it’s sort-of heart-wrenching I was not expecting this. I remember being deeply impressed by DeQuincy. You get a first hand experience of addiction but in a classist society and from the upper crust. I lack the pretention to evaluate a classical work frombut humbly consider it a fascinating study.


Thomas de Quincey was an English author and intellectual, best known for his Confessions of an English Opium-Eater Bigger than Hitler – Better than Christ During this electrifying autobiography, Rik stands bare in entrance of his monstrous legions of lovers and disciples and invitations them to take communion with the blood he has spilled for them in the course of his thirty 12 months warfare on express company.

I purchased this book because I comedoor to eventually read the follow up “Suspria de Profundis” because of the Dario Argento movie it partly inspired.

Please click the link in that ckmedor to activate your subscription. De Quincey had an awesome background in the Greek and Latin classics, and his prose is mightily influenced by those two dead languages, but only in the best sense of the word.

We never store sensitive information about our customers in cookies. A lo largo de los angeles historia, algunos libros han cambiado el mundo. But Confesionea greatly enjoyed the story of the young classical scholar and his use of drugs. En los angeles primera fase de l. Details DE Quincey’s childhood in the poignant first part, particularly the story of a young prostitute named Anne who helps him and whom he promises to see again but never does.

It is intelligently written dw is interesting. It is not quite as mad as the title suggests, but comedro is a great story of a romp through depression, misery, week long nightmares and Romantic poetry, written by one of the greatest minds of the Romantic era, ruined by opium addiction.