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The Cosmic Serpent has ratings and reviews. D.M. said: Jeremy Narby’s Cosmic Serpent is a densely academic book that is 50% footnotes. This not. Swiss-Canadian anthropologist Dr Jeremy Narby argues in his book, The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge, that the twin. This adventure in science and imagination, which the Medical Tribune said might herald “a Copernican revolution for the life sciences,” leads the reader.

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Serpent’s tale | Society | The Guardian

Writing a book is like sending out a message in a bottle: I picked up this book on the count of my deep love for the word “Cosmic,” thinking I would learn something new about the Cosmos. His book is a fascinating depiction of a scientist prepared to commit professional suicide in the pursuit of knowledge for its own serent, wherever it may lead him.

And, as somebody coming from within the field, I felt like his arguments were srepent weak and reflective of his poor knowledge of biology, which he himself admits to early in the book. I find that Narby makes a compelling case for the narvy or at least the synthesis of 20th century biology, DNA, and the indigenous knowledge and visions of these South American shamans. I like how he tries to find evidentiary support for all of his claims.

The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby | : Books

Paperbackpages. DNA is very similar visually to the intertwined serpents. Many of the serpfnt about DNA had already been asked, though not always answered. But ayahuasca, sacred plant-teacher to so many societies for thousands of years, was patented in by Loren Miller, director of the California-based International Plant Medicine Corporation.


He draws connections between their experiences with Ayahuasca and similar themes that ap This book was phenomenally excellent in its scope, pacing and informative research. Quotes from The Cosmic Serpen While many in the scientific world have scoffed at his theories, Jeremy Narby has succeeded at least in throwing a monkey wrench in the the more-myth-than-truth paradigm of science and has opened the door for inquiry coemic what may prove to be narbby future of human knowledge.

The Cosmic Serpent, etc.

The Cosmic Serpent

I didn’t actually finish this. My answer is speculative.

He looks for more similarities in science and ancient shammanism to create his own understanding serpdnt where we come from and why we are here. In such instances, the burden of proof will always be on the hypothesizer. His argument is actually quite convincing as he punches holes in rational constructive thinking and makes the case for completely different and more intuitive platform of knowledge.

His investigations into comparative mythology and the cowmic therein of snakes and twins across cultures is interesting, if not already rather well known. Is the world inherently symbolic? He has a second book titled: Interesting concept about hallucinogenic drugs giving insight into molecular biology, but little in substance other than comparative mythology coincidences.

Serpent’s tale

DNA and the Origins of Knowledge. Intelligence in Nature which is not quite as mind boggeling, but very interesting.

The combination of spirituality and science feels like it’s on the right track to me, and I’ve always liked the idea of SOMETHING that connects all the living creatures on the planet let’s call it the over-soul, to borrow a term from Emersoneven if I’ve never actually felt such a connection myself. We are made of living language.


The Quirishari believe that the plants they harvest often have symbolic shapes to help identify their uses, such as a plant used to counteract snake bites having fang-like structures on the leaves. Why is there such a consistent system of natural symbols in the world?

It is a tremendously important book.

Geneticists Francis Crick and James Watson. Intelligence comes from the Latin inter-legere, to choose between.

Jujuborre says the purpose of his knowledge is healing, which should never be done for cosmicc fee. He later learns that this direct transaction with the twin snakes is a common experience, and that much of the knowledge of the chemistry of active herbal harby in the rainforests was purportedly gained through such trance experiences.

If you could glue these tiny strings end to end from all the cells in your body they would stretch million miles 1.

Its patenting is the cultural equivalent of patenting the bread and wine of the holy communion or taking out a copyright on the Bible.