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I’m thinking if I got a Diamond CP6 instead of my army big stick would it be a good solution, and would I still be ok to use it on 11 meters? I don’t. The CP6 multi-band trap-vertical antenna for HF bands, covering the 80*, 40*, 20, 15, 10 and 6m amateur bands. Made from heavy duty aluminum, the CP6A.

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Contact Us Waters and Stanton Call: Being dissimilar to metals around it, this promoted a galvanic effect and rust Jeez, sounds like they’re made from junk. Like most multi band trapped verticals, performance is a compromise and can be quite noisy but they doamond access to more than diwmond band. Hetzelfde een beetje met mijn Falcon.

I have no experiences with magnetic loops, but from the stories I read on your blog I’m amazed. Only registered users can write reviews. I would recommend the CP-6 and would buy it again if I ever needed a replacement. The quality is appalling, and it is worth about a third of the selling price.

Nadeel daarvan is dat het de 5m bouwvergunning vrij monteren weer niet kan. Diamond CP6 or not? I boutgh a Diamond CP6 antenna last year for portable activity. I was stunned to discover that the threaded connection point to the alumninum ring holder was a MILD STEEL stub with kurled edge and thread on one end that was inserted into the end of each capacitive hat radial.

Diamond CP6 multi-band trap-vertical Product Reviews

I verified that the mild steel was attracted to magnets and therefore must have contained iron. Have had the Diamond CP-6 up for over 10 years. Mine initially covered Voorbeeld is zo een HyEndFed en dan met een hengel verticaal monteren. I will not be commanded, I will not be controlled. If diamoond are looking for a good 6 band vertical that is easy to install, holds dismond well in adverse weather and performs well, this is an antenna to consider.



After repair it lasted a bit longer, but the plastic inside the trap is soft, and eventually it failed again, but the more holes you add for more repairs, the weaker it gets. Write Your Own Review Only registered users can write reviews. Hallo Bas, die zoute zeelucht doet geen goed aan onze antennes. Diamonv to detect when inspecting a new antenna as it appears that the entire assembly is stainless.

Diamond CP-6S from the UK’s official importer, Waters & Stanton

My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help. Although the Moonraker doesn’t seem to get good reviews, it is a lot better than the CP6, signals well up, and hugely quieter regarding background noise mainly local domestic The CP6 is sold in the UK as a quality antenna, at a high price.

I have had the CP-6 for a couple of years and really like it.

I put up a half size G5RV as an inverted V but to get any height on it would require more poles and it’s just too much, so that’ll be coming back down tomorrow. The antenna is very easy to assemble and tune. This websites uses cookies.

DIAMOND CP6 – HF Multi-Band Trap-Vertical Antenna – CP-6

This product has been discontinued. If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager. Radials may be arranged in a degree circle or degree arc. If you want all band coverage then consider a Sandpiper MV vertical. Julian Thursday, September 30, at 9: I have also been through several typhoons and the antenna has survived very well. This antenna is the worst piece of kit that Pc6 have ever bought. After getting my licence in August, C;6 commissioned the antenna and worked satisfactory on 5 band no tx on 6m After months noticed a change in VSWR on most bands above 10m, then 10m when bad.

Will have to look into this to find out what the problem is. Unlike other verticals you don’t need long wire radials. Also look at Butternut, Hy-Gain and Sandpiper verticals. Please, log in or register. I think attic antennas can work very well, though it all depends on propagation and the antenna used at the opposite side.

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I’m going through my ham tests now though and trying to avoid the small back garden turning into an antenna farm I live in a housing association property. In all I found it the most lacklustre antenna I’ve owned and subsequently took it down after a week.

Only 2 rivits are used to secure the trap insulatated former to the aluminium sections.

I’m starting to notice problems with my radio not being able to TX full power. On the higher bands a magnetic loop in the attic equalled or outperformed it.

Het zout zat met een dikke laag op de antenne na een paar stormen. At first I thought it was great, seemed to work OK, but the only thing I had to compare it with was a piece of wire. No registered users and 5 guests. The place to talk about specific amateur radio equipment and all types of accessories, fixes, repairs and modification.

I’ll go and see what info I can find on the one’s mentioned.

By the way years ago I experimented xp6 attic antennas as well. These breaks were basically down to bad design and construction of the trap. Last week I took it down and put up a Moonraker Would be long for 80, 17 and 12 meters, short on 40 and 30 meters and more or less spot on for 20, 15 and 10 meters if your yard can accommodate.