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The Ten Mahavidyas (Daśa Mahāvidyāḥ) are central to the practices of Shakta Tantric tradition. Kamakhya is primarily and equally identified with Durga. The book Tara – Dasa Maha Vidya in Telugu in PDF format. In Tantra, worship of Devi-Shakti is referred to as a Vidya. Of the hundreds . Click the links for details about these Dasa Mahavidyas, Mantras and the Yantras .

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The name Mahavidyas comes from the Sanskrit roots, with maha meaning ‘great’ and vidya meaning, ‘revelation, manifestation, knowledge, or wisdom’.

Without recitation of the pranama mantra any puja is incomplete. I admit It is rather tedious and makes a difficult reading.

Mantras Collection of Dasha Mahavidya | List of Mantras of Das Mahavidya

She challenges and demolishes the conventional notions un looks, manners and the limited ways of understanding things. Bala, Sundari and Bhairavi. Rigveda Yajurveda Samaveda Atharvaveda. It is also the sword of wisdom and discrimination viveka that cuts through ignorance and destroys falsehood.

Further,some aspects vidha dispositions of Kali, the Adi Mahavidya, are shared by all the other Mahavidyas. And her destructionhas a dual aspect; she gives birth to new life as the old one fades away in the darkness of death. In the group of the Mahavidyas, Tara comes next to Kali. But at times, Tara-Mahavidya can also be benevolent and compassionate. Elokeshi sporting disheveled hair flying in all directions.

Ten Mahavidya Mantras | JAI MAA

Her name is taken to mean: The other explanations mention: Tara is described as seated in the pratyalidha asana on the chest of a corpse stretched on a white lotus; she is supreme and laughing horribly; holding cleaver, blue lotus, dagger and bowl; uttering the mantra Hum.

Ayurveda Dhanurveda Natya Shastra Sthapatyaveda. Tripura Sundari she who is most beautiful in all the three worlds also known as Sodasi the girl of sixteen is usually listed as the third Mahavidya following Kali and Tara.

The Bija-aksharas are invoked as forms of the Mother goddess.


Her nature is to play, to seek new experiences, and to charm others to her. The iconography of Kali is rich in symbolisms. Ankalamma or Ankamma is also regarded as Parvathi sitting on the lap Ankamu of Shiva. Her dark color is the ultimate reality in which all distinctions disappear.

Kali is Adi Mahavidya, the primary Mahavidya. He is usually is a well-built man, bare-bodied smeared with turmeric, wearing turmeric-colored dhoti and a dhatti around his waist, a garland around his neck, vermilion on his forehead and bells tied to his ankle. We recite the following list of mantras daily as a hymn of worship, as it reflects the multiplicity of manifestations of Mother Kamakhya in this group of goddesses.

As I have seen these festivities are not attended by Brahmins or upper casts. Her laughter is the expression of her absolute domination over all existence. To reach her one has to abandon all prejudices, inhibitions; and discard all attachments, even the attachments to ideas and concepts.

Her forehead is decorated with ornaments made of bones. The other goddesses are reflections of Kali, and hence called sisters. Bonalu, I understand, is also a plural for Bonam, one of the surnames of the people of Telugu Mudiraj caste.

Amazing pictures and illustrations and an exquisite presentation, dear sreenivasarao s Thank you for an illuminating and insightful series. Lashkar Bonalu, is a grand event celebrated for 2 days in the Aashada Masam of the Telugu calendar. Else, the the descriptions of individual goddesses would be incomplete. They direct the adept to be rid of attachment to all identities that carry names, forms and attributes. When two shlokas are given, one or both may be recited, though typically the first given is most important.

All ten forms of the Goddess, whether gentle or terrifying, are worshiped as the universal Mother. Tara is associated with the speaking prowess. The development of Mahavidyas represents an important turning point in the history of Shaktism as it marks the rise of Bhakti aspect in Shaktismwhich reached its zenith in CE.

Dasa Mahavidyas 4 ed. An aura of royalty distinguishes her demeanor and her attributes. It is not recommended to attempt to use them for other purposes without initiation, permission, and close guidance by gurus and senior initiates of this tradition. She is depicted as a beautiful young girl of sixteen, of red and golden complexion, having four arms holding a noose, a goad, a sugarcane bow, and five flower arrows. She is sometimes shown seated on a lotus emerging out of the navel of Shiva, who is reclining below her.


Her garland of fifty human heads is said to represent the fifty letters of the Sanskrit alphabet varnamalaas also the power of her mantra, symbolizing her as the repository of power and all knowledge.

She is Trividha Shakthi: In Vaishnava lore Tara was one of the goddess who fought along with Durga to defeat the thousand-headed Ravana. With her sword she cuts the knots of doubts samshaya and eight types of delusions and negative traits hatred, doubt, fear, shame, backbiting, conformity, arrogance and status consciousness – Kularnava Tantra.

It faintly resembles a spear Sulam. Between Kali and Tara there are some similarities as also some differences.

Mantras Collection of Dasha Mahavidya | List of Mantras of Das Mahavidya

The pranama mantras that is, mantras of reverence given below are largely unique to Kamakhya, and they are recited by devotees as part of the process of receiving darshan and offering puja. In dqsa projects Wikimedia Commons. Her Black does not mean absence of color; but the absorption of all colors.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In all the three traditions, Tara the blue goddess is a guide and a protector; and helps to tide over the stormy sea of troubles and turmoil of life Samsara-tarini. The scissors and sword in the hands of Tara are tools to remove the ego, the sense of mistaken identity that defines, limits, and binds.