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The complete series list for – Deadworld J.N. Duncan. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time. Deadworld (Deadworld, book 1) by J N Duncan – book cover, description, publication history. Duncan debuts in a crowded subgenre, employing the now-requisite urban fantasy trappings of kickbutt heroine, vampires evil and redeemed.

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Many years, numerous false starts, and a couple of college degrees later, the dream of publication has been achieved. It’s one of those books that you realise you have been reading for nearly two hours, without any breaks and you’re still dying to find out more! Jackie and Laurel are the main characters and they were so funny together. I did find a couple of scenes with Nick to be very bittersweet, I can’t imagine having to make a tough decision like he did for the person he loved twice.

Duncn scenes in Deadworld were fascinating. The bodies are piling up and both Nick and Jackie want to stop the killer. It takes dedworld work to care about Jackie for this reason.

An BDSM sex scene that triggers and abusive flashback that might be considered rape. She could sense the voice of all things.

The Story An old vampire has been playing games with Nick Anderson for well over years now. The local mob is importing young, Russian deqdworld for prostitution.

Writing in the Dark | Author Blog for writer J.N. Duncan

Jackie Rutledge is carrying around a lot of baggage. There dexdworld quite the shocking surprise in the book as well.

They meet a mysterious PI Nick Anderson while investigating and along with his friends a ghost, vampire and another medium they try to help the FBI as much as possible yet withholding many facts. Preview — Deadworld by J. Oct 30, Lannister rated it did not like it. The characters in this book are interesting, flawed – certainly not warm and cuddly, but they settle into your bones and MATTER in a way that keeps you reading.


Shelby is MIA for most of the remainder of the story, but Drake resurfaces with the little girl in a funeral home.

Her history and body count would never make the Police Academy Training Manual, but Martin is okay with this. Laurel is a medium and can tell their is something otherworldly at play. She just loves racing her BMW motorcycle. This was a very interesting story while I thought it was going somewhere, certainly up to deadworlv big twist halfway through. The 5 murders are representative of the 5 family members killed by Drake, and I am funcan the same goes for the 5 times he does this but of that I am not entirely sure.

Early Review: Deadworld by J.N. Duncan

May 23, Pam rated it it was amazing. View all 10 comments.

She is not above believing in strange th Great Book!! The characters are what made the story for me. She encounters Nick Anderson, year-old vampire who was once a Sheriff and is now a P. Full Review on bookchickcity. Kind of a big deal is made out of it.

Sep 10, Clay Rylee rated it liked it. Should writers just write to reader expectations? Before starting “Deadworld”, I was expecting the usual run of the mill paranormal romance, where the big brooding alpha male would end up saving and falling for the tough as nails female, who ends up as putty in his hands due to the usual plot devices that are thrown into the growing market of books in this genre.

Duncan for making the harder choices when it comes to the fate of his characters, I am so tired of there being no consequences to life In a way, he was the antithesis of Jackie even though he had his own dark and troubled past and a very real threat in the present. This story doesn’t know what it wants to be. Worse, view spoiler [ Laurel’s sexuality is a big revelation now?

Endings can be positive or negative and a mix of both. An old vampire has been playing games with Nick Anderson for well over years now.


My work on Harbortown continues. We just die here…” I think this cover got away from another story… The title is Jackie’s introduction to a different world, an alternate plane of…well, not existence, for this is Deadworld. Nick Anderson was a sheriff in Wyoming.

Then there’s Nick and the people that work with him. Jackie is six kinds of emotionally messed up and hard to like because of it, but then character development happens. The supporting characters, like the plot, weren’t fleshed out that well and adding the unnecessary drama of Laurel view spoiler [ being in love with Jackie at one point because we just found out she’s gay hide spoiler ] gave me a weird feeling.

Laurel and Jackie’s relationship could have gone many different things, but I felt Duncan did a great job portraying the honest love that exists between friends and partners and the ongoing struggle to live with choices made and move on knowing that nothing is guaranteed.

Meanwhile, Jackie and Laurel are trying to figure out how, who, or what is killing these people and leaving absolutely no trace while also hounding Nick and Shelby as to their involvement.

I only got it because I had to actually go into the library and came across it, and it looked like a book I would like.

Shelby is no better but they have a history so it’s easy to see that Shelby is the spur in his side. I wasn’t that impressed with duncaj of this book, but I stuck with it and ended up liking it overall.

Nick has several secrets about his past and the fact that the murderer, Drake is not unknown to Nick brings many questions about what and who he is.