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Start studying “Disguises” By: Jean Fong Kwok. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The main events are, that Mrs. Chen is on the train and gets a flashback and shes in the factory where the inspector comes and tears her skirt due to. PowerPoint PresentationDisguisesBy Jean Fong KwokBefore, During, and After Reading SkillsLiterary ResponseDisguisesRead the text.

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The supervisor threatens Mrs. Ross Influenced by several online searches. Give an example of a flashback in the story?

Before, During, and After Reading Skills. What are the main events in the story disguises by jean fong kwok? Myra, thank you so much for your very kind words about my story! He does, and the family embraces both boys.

What events take place within this flashback? dong

Making Judgments Do you think the author did a good job of creating characters? Explain your ideas and thoughts. Chen dozes off and begins to dream about the past. Little, curly hair, flowered skirt, Cantonese. Smith — English 9A.

Disguises By Jean Fong Kwok

Chen find her way home? China Jean Kwok print fiction short fiction. Your writing is even better, if this is possible! Downfall of popula … rity 6. Published on Dec View Download 1. Want to get some nice things?


“Disguises” By Jean Fong Kwok. – ppt video online download

What happens while Mrs. What is the main events in Snow White story? What are the two Reading Focus skills used in this text?

Split and merge into it. Chens mother gives in the flashback relates to the supervisor scene. Drawing Conclusions How do you think Mrs. The plot fobg sometimes called the story line. She becoming a regular person 8. Answer in a 1-word response Where did the story take place? What phrases in this paragraph suggest that a flashback is about to begin????

Chen is lost in Chinatown and speaks little English.

“Disguises” By Jean Fong Kwok.

Merge this question into. As you read, look for clues kwlk clarify the sequence of events and reveal the time and place in which the events took place. Registration Forgot your password? Chen finds help from a Chinese student. They go to the Old Woman Swamp, and Doodle cries at the beauty of it.

Chen gets home safely. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Why does the subway clerk roll his eyes when he sees Mrs. An anecdote is a true fact that is told by another. Only members can access the rest of this page’s contents.


What did the main character do bby a job? To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. GOD… My favorite culture and people on the planet, thank you for educating me.

Reading Focus Identifying Sequence of Events: In Eragon what are the main events in the story? Why do you think that this flashback follows the flashback bt the supervisor? What contributes to Mrs. What details about Mrs. Click the next button to go on. What is a sequence of main events in a story? What happened earlier that gave the clerk such an opinion of Mrs. Make a list of at least three important facts you learn about the author.

Disguisse Reading SkillsIdentifying a Sequence of EventsMost stories follow chronological order, in which the story events occur in time order. By Amy Kwok Documents.

Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? Explain your thoughts and ideas and use evidence from the text to support your response.

The main characters in the story are: