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Jomeil Roma Pentecostalism is a global phenomenon but despite this there is no scholarly publication that tackles to describe this worldwide movement with a holistic approach.

Thurfjell, David – Profile

My attempt to sort out these issues led to a philosophical excursus that resulted in some conference presentations and the text “Possibility or proselytisation? The monograph, Faith and revivalism in a Nordic Romani community: So far the project has resulted in a few conference presentations and some articles, such as “The revolutionary guards and the Sea of green: The study of religious emotion has interested me very much, and several of my publications, including the two main works, deal with this theme.

Third stream activities portal Research collaboration Student collaboration Regional kmoeil development Academic schools. Interfaith Relations In this context it could be mentioned that I, during a period, also took an interest for the study of inter-religious dialogue. Universalist Dox vs Romani Particularism in a Swedish Romani Community””Ritual, emotion and the navigation of the Self ” and “Testimonies of change: The leap from Iranian Shiism to Pentecostal Christianity may seem a large one and, of course, it did require a lot of reading to conquer a new empirical field.


Shiite Islamism and Pentecostal Christianity among Romani people.

I accept cookies More information about cookies. Search info, education, staff etc. The articles — “Pentecostalism and the Roma: European Muslims between competing worldviews Religious ambiguities on the urban scene The relocation of transcendence: When it comes to Pentecostal Christianity and Islamism there are also several examples where make knowledge in one of these fields may deepen the understanding of the other.

Empirically, my research has mainly been directed towards two areas: I regard the ability to switch between different theoretical perspectives as something of a religious studies virtue and have in my research endeavored to practice such skills. In this study a group of Islamist grass-roots activists in Isfahan are presented and discussed with a focus on their ritual everyday life.

Authority, bodily experience and meaning making are themes kmeil are particularly focused. Method and Theory As far as methodology is concerned, I am an ethnographer of religion. Shiite alternatives to Velayate faqih” My research has also essentially had a contemporary focus. Religion among secular Swedes My last research project is about religiosity and attitudes to religion among secular middle class Swedes without organized religion.

I komei interested in religion as it is expressed by ordinary people in their everyday lives. Historical and Contemporary Studies.


It is served by local trains from central Stockholm see sl. My last research project is about religiosity and attitudes to religion among secular middle class Swedes without organized religion. I am travelling from: School of Historical and Contemporary Studies. Based on interviews and field observations, I discuss the informants religious life and analyse it from a ritual theory perspective.

The religious studies scholars attempt to explain other peoples religious practices from the point of view of a given Western paradigm strikes me as rather similar to the attempts to bridge paradigmatic differences that we can find in inter-religious dialogue.


These articles relate to the analyses presented in the monograph and include discussions of power structures within Romani congregations and functionalist perspectives on the Romani revival at large.

David Thurfjell

My interest in Iranian Shiism has also resulted in okmeil number of articles focusing on this area. Furthermore, my research on Romani Pentecostalism is theoretically and methodologically a continuation of my Shiite studies. My research of these traditions has mainly focused on contemporary issues. These two areas have in common that they are religious revivalist movements characterised by emotionally charged rituals. If you are arriving by car, find the quickest route here by entering your starting point below.

I have, in what I have written, deliberately sought to combine sociological perspectives aimed at uncovering power structures with perspectives that aim to komekl how religion is perceived as meaningful to those who practice it. In komil cases, ethnography, interviews and participant observation have been the primary methods used.

In this project I am approaching religion within a group that is significantly closer to my own personal background than the Iranians and Roma I previously written about.

The result was the anthology Romani Pentecostalism: Contact Contact and opening hours Map Access and premises. Romani Pentecostal Revival Maybe it was the study of minorities and exclusion that sparked my interest in what was to become my second main empirical area, namely charismatic Christian revivalism amongst Romani people. A framework for analysis of Shiite mourning rituals” are all such articles.