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DOLLAR BAHU: A CRITICAL STUDY. This chapter deals with the critical analysis of Sudha Murty‟s first novel Dollar Bahu that was first published by East West. Sudha Murty’s Dollar Bahu is a rather sweet, if overly moralistic, novella that explores the age-old notion that the grass is not always greener on. My reading of Sudha Murty was intermittent. It all changed when a friend ‘flipkart’ ed a copy of her latest book, ‘The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk’.

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I enjoyed it personally One of the things about this book that I really liked, was that though Dollar Bahu was not in first-person, it was in an alternating person view, as the thoughts of Vinuta, Gouramma, and to a lesser extent, Chandru, were described vividly. She makes some friends of the friends of Chandru and her conversations with them on their doolar open her mind to progressive thinking.

Sunday, September 30, Dollar Bahu, a new serial on Zee TV, will unravel all these questions and more. It is there that she comes to see how Indian values and society are so casually abandoned, and Gouramma truly begins to realize how caring and respectful her family in India is. Gouramma is very excited to be in the U. All the characters are real and no wonder the story comes from Mrs. Written in basic, simplified prose, it reads very much like a fable about what mirthy if you value money above all else.

Nothing was done by Gouramma when she was in the family way!

Dollar Bahu | Sudha Murty | Book Review

Dollar Bahu By Sudha murthy ssudha an amazing read it really connects you. She adjusts to her new family well, looking after her husband, father-in-law and mother-in-law Gouramma, not taking to heart her mother-in-law’s constant picking.

The dual standards of Gouramma while being on the hunt for a boy for Surabhi if the boy were the only son, the in-laws would stay murth with them, and therefor,e the boy was undesirable and those of Surabhi herself she can pass time with some neighbourhood boy, but she can marry only a rich boy are well described. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Newer Post Older Post Bahhu. Sudha murthy’s writing comes straight from the heart not the brain, some might argue: The land of milk and honey.


Posted by Hot Pepper at America has a set of advantages and disadvantages. But when Girish’s elder brother Chandru, who is in the US, decides to get married, Vinuta has to listen to the constant comparisons made between he story of how money corrupts the way people look at one another and how it can almost tear a family apart Vinuta marries Girish, a bank clerk, and starts living with his family in Bangalore.

They have three children Chandru, Girish and Surabhi. He describes her voice as golden, dulcet, divine, sweet as honey. Yet the message of the story, neatly summarised gy Shamanna who has never left Indiadoes ring true: After all, different people give different weights to priorities in life Candid and unembellished.

The million-dollar name behind Dollar Bahu Arshiya Kapadia. How about both of them?

A very good option compared to a blurring TV show or surprising gossip story on web. The author has rightly portrayed the phrase money cannot buy love and respect in a most prolific manner. While he is in America, Girish gets married to Vinuta from Dharwad, who is a music teacher in the same school where mugthy father works. Paperbackpages. In fact, the content gets too cluttered, confusing and hurried up towards the end. Notify me of new comments via email.

It is only fair on her part to have kept her personal beliefs, prejudices and judgements to herself and not let them leak into her writing. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Your email address will not be published. She began her professional career as Computer Scientist and Engineer.

But he decides to pursue his career when he goes America. The characters of Vinutha and Girish are lovingly filled up with a few sentences here and there which takes the reader to the very core of their essence as in Girish relishes the quality of self-respect in Vinutha, offers to buy her saree and mangalsutra without asking for dowry or saddening her by selling her house to treat the guests to a lavish wedding feast.


I almost savored all her knitting and with a great satisfaction sudga can preclude that she can be truly a writer of all time and all generations, everyone can definitely appreciate and enjoy her writings. Shamanna, a teacher, and Gouramma, a home maker, are a middle class and middle aged couple.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Does the USA really make all your impossible dreams come true?

Before I bwhu some more, murthg me confess that my utter disappointment also stems from the high expectations I had from this book and author. The brief read would surely compel you to put it down after initial 50 pages giving in to the predictable end, but love for the author might drag you to the last This would probably be the first Sudha Murty book which lacked the enthusiasm that holds the content together.

Dollar Bahu | Sudha Murty | Book Review | Drama |

The story is realistic enough. Shamanna comes in the way, and lets the boy and the girl decide. Her eyes are blindfolded with the wudha, silver and currency. The wedding photos make Chandru uneasy and jealous, but, in due course, he digests the fact.

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Now she realise that “grass always looks greener on the other side”. The story moves around her and her family, from where she is expecting some love and care for the sake of her selfless duty and regards.

Dollar Bahu – Wikipedia

Feb 17, Gayathri Manikandan rated it it was ok Shelves: She is never equal in comparison with her sister-in-law Jamuna, Chandru’s wife, due to the American dollars she has. For Chandru, it is love at first sight, but his main sight is on bigger things, like making it big in the U.

You surha have the best of both worlds. The serial shows the struggle of Indian immigrants in the USA and the clash of both cultures; one inherent and Indian, muethy other alien and American.