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These are the Races of sourcebook contains detailed information on the major and minor races that populate the world of the Dragonlance setting. Some character races are considere unusual in Ansalon, and may not be appropriate for all Dragonlance saga campaigns. You must receive permission from. These are the races of Ansalon. Races of Ansalon is a resource for games set in the world of Dragonlance. It is an encyclopedia of cultures that.

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They actually change shape. Racees are almost always good in alignment. Ogre Taint [General] One of your parents or ancestors was an ogre, and you have inherited some of this brutal creature’s physical features and abilities. Although all kender go through at least one period of wanderlust in their lives often just dargonlance adolescenceit is usual for them to settle down afterwards, usually among others of their kind, and raise families. They are skilled at taunting draognlance to enrage them.

Instead, a character of ogrish descent takes the Ogre Taint feat at first level described below. They have large eyes with narrow pupils, eye color ranging from blue green to indigo. A bit of claification would be nice. They possess drzgonlance, however in order to do so, they first mirror the shape of their victim, then hypnotize them with words of despair.

No trivia or quizzes yet. The bakali are also courageous, having no fear of death. You still use the character’s actual level for feat and skill acquisition, class features, ability score increases, and so forth.

Races of Ansalon

When a Mischta’s true race is revealed, invariably she is hunted down and killed by superstitious humans and hateful minotaurs. Wendle centaurs once dwelled in the Wendle Woods of Goodlund, but eventually migrated to the other forests and plains of eastern Ansalon to escape incessant annoyance from nearby kender. The variety of human cultures, larger populations, and changing traditions regarding popular names means that few names are widespread among humans. The Thanoi are a group of walrus-men.


Although bakali worship appears to be savage and bloody to non-bakali, the most gruesome ceremonies are simply ritualized food preparation; the bakali religion is not a destructive one. They dislike hunters, trappers, and poachers because of the nature of their ansxlon.

Takhisis favors their kind and often grants them special favor. Blonde hair is quite rare and considered remarkable. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. When a Bozak dies, their bones explode. Could you help me to get those? As a result, few humans are truly neutral, tending either at least slightly towards good or slightly towards evil.

They rarely interfere with other beings. Mischta heroes try to live in perfect harmony with nature, and never intentionally harm a living creature except in self-defense.

D&D Dungeons and Dragons D20 Dragonlance Races of Ansalon Sourcebook | eBay

Hair colouration drafonlance kender ranges from sandy blonde to dart brown, with a few boasting coppery red or red-orange hues. Mischta try never to initiate an act of violence, undergoing penance if necessity forces them to do so. Their hair is white or grey. You must receive permission from your DM before creating a character belonging to any of ansaloon unusual races.

The passage of time — and the introduction of Chaos to the world in the form of the Graygem of Gargath — led to creation of many new races, from the dragon,ance elves of the dragonlane to the grubby Aghar. If a human is fair and honourable, even if he is an enemy, the bakali treat him with the same respect. For more information about Paizo’s Community Use Policy, please visit paizo.

Good hunters show their skill by displaying their many hides in their homes or on their bodies. Bakali speak their own racial tongue, which consists of short hisses, growls and smacks, and does not have a modern written form.


Character Races of the Dragonlance Saga

Otherwise, Endscape centaurs have the game statistics of Abanasinian centaurs, listed above. Takhisis is followed by warlords and the power-hungry everywhere, Chemosh is appeased by those who fear death’s cold embrace, and many superstitious sailors make offerings to Zeboim. They are possibly the proudest folk of Ansalon, placing great importance in their traditions and cultures.

They are commonly chosen as mounts for dragon riders. Feats that give a bonus to a skill check, like Alertness. Once the victim has succumbed to despair, the wight nullifies the victim, destroying the victim as well as any memories of that victim.

Dimernesti have light bluish skin and large eyes that are dark ansaoon or deep blue in colour. Other offers may also be available. Kender use their ancestral language only for the purpose of retelling their traditional stories and sharing their culture.

There is no written version of this language, which is a primitive version of the ancient Ogre tongue. dragonlqnce

They go so far as to stop opponents in battle to talk to them. Yes, mariners should be proficient with rapiers. They live in places such as mountains where they can store their hordes. Living amongst amsalon mountains of Krynnaarakocra are rivals of the kyrie and often fight over living space, especially those tribes drahonlance the island of Karthay dragolnance aarakocras have been known to work with minotaur barbaric tribes to hunt kyrie.

Modern elves consider them the first of all mortal races. Of course, if Sithel or Sithas or Kith-Kanan had wizard or cleric levels, that could partly explain why they lived longer, since unlike in the core rules, Dragonlance has spells that allow clerics or wizards to extend their lifespans kudos for that, btw.