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Results 1 – 16 of Dwyer Visi-Float Series VFB Flowmeter, 4″ Scale Length, Water Dwyer Polycarbonate Flowmeter, LFMEF2, GPM ( LPM). Dwyer Rate-Master Series RM Flowmeter, 10″ Scale, Range SCFM Air: Science Lab Anemometers: : Industrial & Scientific. Results 1 – 9 of 9 Free Shipping on many items across the worlds largest range of Dwyer Variable Area Flow Meter (Rotameter) Flow Meters. Find the perfect.

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Flow Transmitters Flow Transmitter are sensors with an electrical transmission output for remote indication of flow rate.

For orders requiring expedited rtameter, our customer service team can be contacted to confirm product availability. Easy-to-Interchange bodies – Within a given Series Rate-Master flowmeter bodies can be instantly interchanged.

An application is water and air pollution analysis systems. Shop Solar Power Combiner. Shop Power Transfer Switches. Installation is simple – The Rate-Master flowmeter can be neatly through-panel mounted to keep flow tube centers in the same plane as the panel surface or surface mounted on the panel by rotaneter of tapped holes in the backbone.

Shipped completely assembled and include standard panel mounting hardware. The different sensors include dial, in-line, ultrasonic, orifice plate, totalizing meters, variable area, venturi, or with switch output.

A few applications are medical equipment, air samplers, gas analyzers, and chemical injectors. These low cost flowmeters are ideal for general use.


Dwyer’s multi-jet models are economical and dry dials. Insulators, Sockets and Kits.

Models are compact and lightweight. Shop Rectangular Lead Acid Batteries. Shop Test Equipment Accessories. With Switch Output Flow indicators with an electrical contact output at a specific flow rate with switch output. PoE Power Over Ethernet.

Shop Audio, Video Connectors. The single piece plastic body is mounted to a stainless steel back bone into which pipe thread inserts dotameter welded to absorb piping torque. Can be used with gases, liquids, corrosive, and high temperature fluids.

Shop Filter Loss Gauges. Totalizing Meters Flow sensors with flow totalizing capability.

Series VF Visi-FloatĀ® Acrylic Flowmeter

Shop Time Delay Relays. Adjustable Pointer Flags – Red lined pointer flags provide quick visual reference to a required flow rootameter. Request a Calibration Quote. Rent From Transcat Do you need a test instrument for a short time? Shop Hall Effect Sensors. Mass Flowmeters and Controllers This category contains sensors that indicate flow rate for low flow systems.

Flow | Dwyer Instruments

Would you like this item calibrated? Shop Light Pipe Products. A few applications are cabinet purging, remediation, and osmosis skids. IC Sockets, Plugs and Adapters.

Shop Electronic Enclosure Accessories. Applications include steam flow, boiler feedwater, and fluid flow rates in building water lines. Allows the piping to remain undisturbed, interchangeability of the ranges, and easy cleaning.


Dwyer RMBD-SSV Rate-Master Flowmeter | Transcat

Remove the slide cover and the plug ball stop, clean the flow tube with soap and water and reassemble. Should this occur, customers will be notified soon after placement of any orders for such products rotmeter, if applicable, items will be put on backorder. Dial Dwyer offers different types of Dial Flowmeters for various applications. Shop Constant Voltage Transformers. Orders and Quotes To view recent orders login to your account.

The different transmitters are Ultrasonic, Paddlewheel: Don’t show this to me again and take me directly to the cart. Shop Inductive Signal Couplers. The options are In-Line or Turbine. Rotamrter include dwher treatment, cooling systems, irrigation and water utilities.

Shop Magnetic Field Sensors. Flowmeters indicate flow rate. Applications include chemical processing, waste water processing, lubrication systems, drain lines, process control, and pump testing. Flowmeters are shipped assembled and ready for panel mounting. O-rings provide a tight seal on inlet and outlet. Shop Power Supply Accessories.

Ideal for high purity or corrosive liquid applications, gas and liquid applications, air samplers and medical applications. Flow Sensors This category contains Flow Sensors that measure flow rates.

Venturi Venturi in-line indicators for flow rate.