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Edith’s memoir Taken Care Of is more connectedly written than English Eccentrics, and very sad indeed. Rejected by her parents (“I was. “Eccentricity exists particularly in the English”, June 8, This review is from: English Eccentrics a Gallery of Weird (Paperback) A variable collection of. Poet, biographer and celebrated eccentric Sitwell’s gallery of historical English outliers: “Eccentricity is not, as dull people would have us believe, a form of.

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I enjoy learning about these social shibboleths. English Eccentrics is a compendium of English oddities, an intrinsically eccentric volume in itself, written in a densely packed, rococo style, laced with dark sardonic wit.

Her book on Elizabeth 1 and Mary Q of Scots is very good indeed. Squire Jack Mytton, born inwas addicted to stronger stuff.

English Eccentrics – Edith Sitwell – Google Books

I could not have swallowed it in gulps. She was a technical poet par excellence, and a very wise voice, for all her personal unwisdom. English Eccentrics a Gallery of Weird Paperback A variable collection of characters, from the true eccentrics to those who would hardly seem to qualify.

Twitter updates An intriguing profile. I seem to remember a king istwell somewhere on the continent Prussia?

The English Eccentrics by Edith Sitwell

She died according to the code of her class, not wanting to make a fuss — her own splendid attitude to Death. Emerson begging the lugubrious Margaret to tutor Emerson and Carlyle on the sense of humour they so lacked. The approach is poetic, oblique, and perhaps not to everyone’s taste – and if it eccenfrics, would you be at all interested? Emmett rated it really liked it Aug 01, Bieiris rated it liked it Mar 30, Neither have I, Worm – though, if you’re interested, the very short Edith Sitwell was certainly aristocratic, but born of such unloving parents that from an early age extreme eccentricity became a refuge.


First-rate Monsters — the Mapp and Lucia novels of E.

The English Eccentrics

He seems to have passed an uneventful life until the age of 80 when he first married, after which he became something of a rake. Christopher Robbins is the author of several acclaimed books including Apples are from Kazakhstan. Tracked to their lairs, they become the hunted rather than the hunters, the starry brightness of their public appearance fades in the icy twilight, the madness of Actaeon is on them, and the misery of Herne.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! The elaborate prose is hung with cobwebs, the structure formless and even repetitive, as the author meanders among the strange and often tragic lives of her characters.

Hmmm, I feel sorry for Ms. Carlyle was a particularly difficult subject as he insisted on talking without interruption and eccenhrics let Margaret speak.

English Eccentrics by Edith Sitwell

Once, when suffering from hiccups, Mytton decided to frighten himself out of the attack by setting fire to his nightshirt. Terri rated it really liked it Oct 02, Her book is a friendly excursion rather than a guide, and fuller of acknowledgements than of references. The English Eccentrics by Edith Sitwell. Feb 07, francesbean rated it it was amazing Shelves: In old age, Dame Edith grew fat from drink and misery.


I read the book small bit by small bits: This was an entertaining debut. Roland rated it it was amazing Jul 13, Search Vulpes Libris Search for: Some of them set up for themselves, and merged into another class of oddities, the Misers, and I remember one of these when I was a boy—or rather his house, for he was already dead.

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