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This interesting and informative book was written by Eric Topol. Topol is a cardiologist who is globally recognized for his achievement and is. In The Creative Destruction of Medicine, geneticist and cardiologist Eric Topol introduces a radical new approach to medicine. By bringing the. The Creative Destruction of Medicine has ratings and 66 reviews. Eric Topol. · Rating details · ratings · 66 reviews. What if your cell phone could.

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The Creative Destruction of Medicine Will Happen — If Consumers Demand It

The more information that can be collected about specific genes and drug interactions the more it will benefit everyone, and this kind of mass information will grow exponentially, and will become exponentially more useful as one example. The muddle extends to drawing a line between the repurposing and the revolution. It is likely that many things will come about in ways quite different than Topol now envisions, and some will likely not take place at all.

May 11, E-patient Dave rated it it was amazing. Crwative point of perspective that is worth noting concerns the emphasis of Topel’s book on individualized rather than general population based medicine. Sep 15, James rated it it was amazing. I am convinced that technological change is radically altering the organization and practice of medicine, that these changes are becoming more pronounced and influential with the passage of time, and that these changes may destructioh to “better” health care.

My father was a primary care physician and internist whose medical records were in his office in a file cabinet.

Overall, cool ideas– but it felt a bit fragmented and idea-flow was difficult to follow at points. The book has limitations, however. The opportunities and challenges ahead are clearly outlined. This opens new resources in our care and new partnerships. To make this possible, he insists that medical education must change, while doctors must assume a higher level of accountability toward medical consumers and that they must recognize the influence of e-mail, SNS, and mobile apps on modern society and patients to be able to properly use them.

The way patients engage their health and interact with physicians will need to shift. Find articles by Jung A Kim. Journal List Healthc Inform Res v.

He starts with a critique of the population-based medicine paradigm and how medicine is resistant to change. Aug 17, Uwe Hook rated it really liked it. From Imaging to Printing Organs Pocket-size high-resolution ultrasound which is one of the destrudtion significant advances in the field of medical imaging is replacing the stethoscope which has firmly kept eri position in patient diagnosis since the first half of s. Naturally, this wonderful book is considered as faithfully accomplishing the purpose of writing the book.

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Trivia About The Creative Dest I would recommend this to an Great update on the current state of digital healthcare and many more ideas to look forward to.

Wireless remote sensors enable doctors in remote areas to monitor the condition of patients and to provide timely intervention by gathering information, such as blood glucose and blood pressure levels, electrocardiography data and heart rates, vital signs, use of inhaler by asthma patients, sleep apnea patterns, drug intake compliance rates, etc. Aug 03, Harry Lane rated it it was ok. The Creative Destruction of Medicine: With our wireless devices, we are using apps to monitor, record, and deliver data about how we are performing in our daily health activities.

Topol provides his insight on the future of technology, individual medicine and better efficiency as well as concerns for these medical innovations. No trivia or quizzes yet. Such system can contribute to reducing various errors that may put patients in danger and can support the decision making of doctors related to patient treatment.

The Creative Destruction of Medicine by Eric Topol

Furthermore, Topol does not put forth many new, thought-provoking ideas but simply summarizes ALL the recent examples he can find of technology and medicine interse The topic of this book was intriguing, but I couldn’t even make it through the entire thing. Hardcoverpages. This is in contrast to current practices, where drugs are approved for the millions that will in reality only help a few thousand and maybe hurt the rest, all approved by trials and tests that more often than not manipulate efficacy data to improve their chances for FDA acceptance.

Medicije versus Individual Topol points out the fact that a considerable portion of the tests or prescriptions frequently used in medicine of the present day are unnecessary or insufficient.

However, I was rather disturbed by the argument that more data correlates to better healthcare. The technologies discussed are half medicine and half access t An interesting book about how recent and still evolving technology can make a revolutionary change in the way medicine is taught, developed, practiced, and delivered. I’m sure in some areas his predictions will be spot on but in others I suspect he’s dreaming.

In the Creative Destruction of Medicinehe presents the transformation of medical practice from the population-based approach to treating illness to individualized medicine while genome and digital technologies are the driving force to draw such transformation and the momentum to continue such transformation. A lot of people are going to say this book is wacky, because it hits the nail on the head in a way that busts the paradigm into pieces.


It took the world by surprise. The impact really hit home with me personally given that within the past year, I had a direct experience with myself and family members and issues of genetics and surgery that brought these issues to light.

I note one reviewer who panned the work with something like, “Doctor finds internet – whoopee! In addition, Topol discussed the results of changes that have progressed or are in progress and the changes that will be about in the future as new technologies are applied to heart imaging, brain imaging, cancer imaging, and organ printing. If so, what is your take?

Constant Connectivity, Collaboration and Crowdsourcing, Customized Consumption and Cloud Computing are creating a completely different life pattern from the past.

Electronic Health Records and Health Information Technology He explains how effective and useful Electronic Health Records EHR and health information technology are in eliminating hopol errors created due to not being able to secure complete information on the patient condition. We use cookies on this site to understand how you use our content, and to give you the best browsing experience.

A Must Read: The Creative Destruction of Medicine | Health Standards

May 06, Patrice rated it really liked it Shelves: We can force medicine to undergo its biggest shakeup in history. The way the life sciences industry produces treatments will need to shift. That’s the reason of the title ‘Creative Destruction’, which is a famous expression coined by Joseph Schumpeter.

I had high hopes for this book because the practice of medicine has not, in my judgement, kept up with advances in science and technology.

One is left feeling dismal about the prospect of meaningful, productive change. I think this is something that — as we go forward from birth or even from the fetal stage, from the womb to tomb — is going to be the story going forward. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

The book is uneven but on the whole is very effective.