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Faefever | Karen Marie Moning | #1 New York Times Bestselling Author. Faefever: Fever Series Book 3 [Karen Marie Moning] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER He calls me his. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Urban Celtic fantasy slides down a dark, Faefever: Fever Series Book 3 – Kindle edition by Karen Marie Moning.

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Fans have been asking me to do a con in Dublin for years and we’ve made it happen. I don’t know how this happened, honestly.

First off, let me say – Best first four words of a book ever! It was one of the glasses fashioned by the Unseelie King himself as a means of moving between the realms of Man and Fae.

But I wouldn’t be quite so restrained. No wonder you crazy lot of MacHalo Freaks always go straight onto book four. I could feel it, fifty yards from where I scrabbled for purchase. What is the point of Mac still keeping up with the hair coloring? That makes it private property right now. I hate her for making me love someone I should hate.

When I finished reading Bloodfever I couldn’t get my hands on Faefever fast enough. Christian is in this a lot. Faefever Fever 3 by Karen Marie Moning. With her usual flair and optimism, this rainbow girl, can survive anything.


Faefever by Karen Marie Moning – Books – Hachette Australia

Exterior spotlights mounted on the front, rear, and sides bathed the tall brick building in light. What if he was dupable, and someone—like, oh, say, the Lord Master—had planted some kind of spelled mirror in his path, knowing his penchant for certain antiquities.

I gave him a sharp look. The series is headed in a certain Faefever has both of those characteristics, and, though I found reading it occasionally frustrating, I was captivated. Will I be ready?

Fever Series

Mac went from pinky to badassy Good girl. View all 4 comments. Now I’m strung out and strung up. But that’s ok, because Barrons, the life-saver and liar… I wonder how many pros and cons lists Alina made about LM? Sifting inside the abbey with V’Lane. And it would retain control of her until it was done using her, when it would dispose of her and move on to its next victim.

He offered to go with her to the Abby to see Rowena and the girls. My soul shivered, as if perceiving on some visceral level that my body was not nearly enough protection for mining.


Faefever by Karen Marie Moning — All About Romance

I swear Karen Marie Moning is attempting to sexually frustrate me to death. He was covered with blood that had iced to crimson frost on his hands, face, and clothing.

I tried to take a cab, but the driver insisted there was no such address and refused to go there. I hate the rain. Now that’s just dangerous! The second reason was probably that cliffy of an ending sometimes it is really hard to read about view spoiler [Rape hide spoiler ] no matter how well that author writes it and KMM did a fantastic job sometimes it is too much for me to handle the first time and I get all icky inside.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Everyone plays their hands too close to their chests, especially those that expect her loyalty and compliance.