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Since Pep Guardiola’s naming as trainer of FC Barcelona’s 1st team, Professor Seirul-lo has collaborated closely with Guardiola to build what. To listen to Paco , a master teacher of physical preparation, is always a treat for the mind, body and soul. Nobody can dissect football. @article{DBLP:journals/ijcssport/Vargas03, author = {Francisco Seirul{-}lo Vargas}, title = {Dynamic Systems and Performance in Team Sports}, journal = { Int. J.

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All of them are external, alien to the athlete. However, the ideal model changes, and the ideal now is not that ideal after a period of time, when science and experience of coaches improve. There are 0 items in your cart.

Paco Seirul·lo

Differentially, in the next stage, the athlete will have to adapt his ability to unusual or varied situations. We believe that there is lack of a third or fourth stage of technical training. The proposals are taken from the athlete.

These structures are a consequence of varied inter-active processes among systems of differential complexity that take shape as a network in which no one system is the most important. Technique and its Training. They can be differenced from other called internal or structural aspects which will generate that external values manifested during sport practices of the athlete. These cognitive processes have now their main role during competition, place to test each technique achieved during training practices.

A judge, trained to observe, give an score that assesses the execution of this type of technical skill. Therefore, when a person possess this or that movement within his motor repertory, it is said that he has this or that ability; that is why, the group of movements of different sport specialties are called sport technical abilities.


Every day of the training week, there are differential priorities that must be adjusted to the needs of the athlete. So we have to take a step forward. All areas of conditional capacities are developed in equilibrium to coordination capacities. The difference is that now, the possible motor solutions to competitive situations must be, in most of the cases, a product of personal elaboration of the athlete and his creative capacity.

Of Muller of or Messi?

dblp: BibTeX records: Francisco Seirul-lo Vargas

Once the movement has been executed, it is necessary to evaluate it, taking again value cognitive-affective capacities for being able to perform the following operations proposed by Duran on the figure. Instead, the defensive line has a process of playing in each part of the pitch.

On the other hand, in some athletics specialities to have a technique similar to a model is a guarantee to perform at high level. Likewise, he has outstanding experiences in the field of physical education and of the sports initiation. Sport in the 21st Century. Francidco qualitative factors continuity, adequateness, anticipation, etc are relevant for an effective execution of a technical movement.

It is an objective assessment. The meaning of technique in the chosen sport specialty will determine the adjustment of achievements to the competition.

We must construct specific exercises of structural training that provide such continuously dynamic inter-activity; in contrast to the repetitive and analytical training exercises typically used by individual sports and based on other theories.

That means that space-temporal and structural aspects must be in total concordance in order to obtain this rrancisco in competitive situations. Many aesthetic factors of a technical skill could be assessed; as many as personal criteria of the aesthetic value of movement or things of nature amplitude, symmetry, beauty, plasticity, expressiveness of skill, etc.


Some authors define, in a third level, phenomenon of constancy and availability that permits high levels of technical execution in any environmental situation.

This paradigm, now in recession, has dominated our culture for several hundreds of years, during which it has been constituted our occidental society and considerably influenced the rest of the world. Technique is a concept with varied applications fancisco a great diversity of contents.

Then it was time to put pragmatic and illustrated cases forward from the Barcelona squad. Write your review Entrevista a Prof.

All of them are related to the athlete. It would be necessary to use different methods depending on what an athlete needs to improve his technique. La estructura de lo complejo. Analysis of the Technical Ability. The factors previously studied play a different role for every sport.

You must add 1 as a minimum quantity to buy this product. Our store requires a secure purchase the customer must enter their data and then confirm them in their own entity, before the transaction is authorized while the card used is not secure. An athlete who does not know the jumping hurdles technique cannot obtain a good result in those specialities, although the technique is not evaluated, but the time an indirect assessment of technique.