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3D Porn Comic: CBlack – Fugitives(Chapter 1). pages. Size: 24MB. Download from: Keep2Share (k2s), Uploaded (), Fileboom. Category: cblack, boobs. – Fugitives – Download Adult Comic Free. Direct download,Online gallery of – Fugitives Visit now. AMA. FUGITIVES. CHAPTER ONE. BY CBLACK. Page 2. A TECHNICIAN BURNS THE MIDNIGHT. OIL IN ONE OF THE HIGH-SECURITY. LABS OF THE.

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Judge Le Loire had some questions to ask. Read 5, galleries with tag gender bender on nhentai, a hentai doujinshi and manga reader.

TGComics – CBlack – Fugitives – Chapter

Judge Roger Le Loire, it seems, had a stack of documents sitting on his desk implicating the former U. It has received substantial financial and material donations from private American sources including the billionaire financier George Soros, Time-Warner, the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations, and directly from the U.

But what about the ‘genocide’ in Kosovo, you ask? Well, it’s true that throughout much of the Western media prior to the NATO bombardment, the figures of ethnic Albanian deaths bandied about ranged between 10, andWhen the NATO hostilities ceased and the forensic teams from a number of countries including one from Canada went in to investigate – hard as they looked, they couldn’t find a genocide.

C.Black – Fugitives 1-7

Indeed, the only thing that has surpassed the awe-inspiring magnitude of these and sundry other crimes against humanity has been the heights scaled by the ‘public relations’ community in whitewashing both the crimes and the perpetrators.

TG Comics Clback Sign. The strangest thing happened on the way to the massacre though.


That most of the media have their blinkers drawn tight about this is absolutely frightening. The United States was their senior partner and one Henry Kissinger the inspirational key figure in the operation’s implementation.

Curiously, these ‘killing fields’ never made the front pages – or virtually any pages at all for that matter. Fuigtives essence, however, Milosevic will be convicted – a foregone conclusion – for the real crime of having opposed the U.

– Fugitives – Download Adult Comics

Better one than none. This hentai manga community section has albums with content Tag: Visit us and download tgcomics absolutely for free. Prince Of Persia Crack All these in direct violation of its charter. What they found were less than 3, bodies, almost all of whom were military personnel, and many of whom were Serbian. This is the title of your second post. Shades of the Taliban.

Free Hentai Misc Gallery: Read posts by Surody and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the worlds largest. The Kosovo cblakc had been a complete fabrication, just as had been the Iraqi incubator scandal that provided a parallel ‘final justification’ for intervention in the Gulf War a decade earlier. Little more than a week prior to Slobodan Milosevic having been spirited away by the victors to face charges at The Hague, another alleged war criminal, Henry Kissinger, whilst wiling away a little time at the Ritz, was being served a somewhat less forceful, though decidedly unappetizing, summons to appear before the Palace of Justice in Paris.

This is the title of your first post. Within four years, almost one third – approximately- of its people had been murdered.


What they had uncovered was evidence of a low level civil war with numbers accrued over more than a year that would have taken mere weeks to accumulate in any of the U.

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The Americans and, to a lesser extent, the other NATO allies had, since the late s, been instrumental in sabotaging, subverting, intriguing and generally suborning the entire Yugoslavian peninsula into war. Black – Anima Unleashed – Chapter Nevertheless, these attempted inquiries were, in all truth, small potatoes compared to the questions that human rights activists and groups around the world have, for years, posed of Kissinger’s and, to be fair, scores of other American leaders involvement in some of the great atrocities of the latter half of the 20th century.

CBlack – Fugitives Chapter 17

Now we’ve entered the dawn of fugittives new era. Or take East Timor. Now if it walks and talks like a kangaroo then it is a kangaroo, and this is as blatantly a kangaroo court if there ever was one.

Many tens of thousands of journalists, teachers, union leaders, activists, etc. Tg Comics Anima Unleashed Cblack.

We link to creators’ sites exactly as they’re meant to be shown. He will sit incarcerated, perhaps, for the rest of his life, as a political prisoner and branded by a good part of the world as a mass murderer beyond redemption.