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Dune is the best selling science fiction/fantasy novel of all time. . Someone made a homebrew GURPS Dune splatbook which can be found. *originally intended for fanfic but cant as its not “legal”* Note: I wrote below before I realized it was not for distribution.(except bottom). This is a forum to discuss Frank Herbert’s marvelous Dune series.

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Below are suggestions for a campaign spanning roughly half of the Milky Way. Paracompass A navigational aid of Fremen design and manufacture used on planets with weak or chaotic magnetic systems. Addiction to Sapho, an energizing liquid extracted from Ecaz plants, is a trap to which Simulationists both in training and in the field are most susceptible. Various terraforming schemes started by the Imperial Planetary Ecologist Pardot Kynes eventually succeeded in transforming Arrakis to a green, lush planet under the rule of Leto II.

GURPS Dune – how would You do it? – Steve Jackson Games Forums

Paper pasted on cardboard, roll-and-move race game, typical Ameritrash. See other references for more details concerning the Spacing Guild and interstallar travel. The target may avoid the attack in two ways. When the desired size had been achieved, the valve muscles were relaxed and the valves closed, trapping the air inside the sac until such time as the dancer decided to “deflate.

In the distant grups, human civilization relies on “spice”, a drug that expands its user’s perceptions and triples the lifespan. The hair style and apparent length of the hair was accomplished through embryonic manipulation which causes certain nerves to develop as voluntary nerve cells rather than as sympathetic ones. A two-part training program is pursued simultaneously by the candidate: This style combines the powerful “internal” skills with devistating “external” manuevers with an effectiveness that unrivaled.

But other conditions can impair a Mentat’s abilities. They would owe a considerable Duty to the Tleilaxu or their purchaser, and could possibly have several Enemies.



FTL side effects, error effects, special notes: Ships in hyperspace cannot be contacted with any means of communication. The procedures are the most closely gaurded Tleilaxu secrets. B91 as the victim is pulled into the swirling sand beside the worm. Fremen do not use Force Shields, as they a enrage sandworms and are prone to gutps in the desert.

Dune was once a luscious planet with open water running on its surface. The Sci-Fi Channel produced two six-hour mini-series based on the first three books.

Trying to divine how to control Chasimir Fenring or Mohiam gudps take months, whereas a depressed, drunken wreck of a deserter ought to be extremely easy to control. Experts in the terms of kanly, and the Great conventions, a House’s Master Assassin is as valuable as a legion of seasoned warriors.

When they were discovered by an early Spacing Guild reconnaissance ship in 23 B. But the subjective reports of scores of Mentats and the gudps evidence of hundreds of studies all point to the authenticity of the trance.

There is a considerable body of legend around the Fremen and their role in the Imperium history. Sardaukar martial arts training favors the hard-hitting external styles. As such, the enigmatic Tlielaxu pose a potential threat to the delicate technological prohibitions of the feudal Imperium.

Maybe have Status add to Willpower in the setting?

They cannot be purchased, but must be received either as a gift, or earned in duty to the sietch. The well done story took off right after the events of the last game namely, Padishah-Emperor Corrino is dead with no one to succeed him and thus the Spacing Guild and the Sisters avert a civil war by holding that whichever House can win a limited War of Assassins on Arrakis will be crowned Padishah-Emperor of the Known Universe.

Attempts to grab the device out of the air before it attacks are made at DX.

An unprotected man, without access to a staggeringly large water supply, can last no more dume a day on the sands; one wearing a stillsuit of Fremen manufacture, however, can keep water loss under fifteen milliliters a day, a thimbleful.


Gholas One of the extrodinary and unique capabilities of the Bene Tleilax is the production of human duplicates known as gholas. After a sucessful attack, the hunter-seeker does 2d impaling damage every turn, until the victim dies. There are three boardgames worth mentioning that were based on Dune.

By mastery of these muscles, the subject can change such things as the size and shape of his “cheekbones” as easily and quickly as one might smile. If forced to withdraw, treat as per the disadvantage Terminally Ill with the character’s expected lifespan equal to his HT in weeks. Because of this, I include no rules for their development.

The hunterseeker is powered by a AA cell which lasts for 30 minutes, the console is powered by a C cell which provides enough power for 3 months of continuous use. When the subject achieves maximum growth, tubes of artifical tissue are implanted connecting the repiratory system to the celomic duen.

Written by Frank Herbert init won several prestigious awards, including the very first Nebula Award for Best Novel, and went on to become an incredibly influential classic of the genre. Sort out the mess in the end into a new status quo. Only one novice in twenty achieves the coveted sixth rank, Advisor.

If the hunter-seeker does not do sufficient damage to penetrate the targets DR, it is stuck and cannot be used to attack again. Alejandro Jodorowsky was slated to direct a film adaptation with set design from H.

A decent beer-and-preztels game without being hurr durr dumb. Ingestion of the spice stimulates the growth of K-K cells so that the individual becomes more aware of his time-space environment. A “three thumper trip” would be approximately miles.

God Emperor of Dune, New York: Find More Posts by Miles. It’s like a textbook, only far cooler.