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Hans Bacher: Dream Worlds – Production Design in Animation (Selected). Posted by: Nagy Péter. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare. A happy note to close out this year’s animation book releases: Hans Bacher’s eagerly anticipated book about animation production design. Hans Bacher is acknowledged as one of the greats of production design for animation and he has been given unparalleled access to Disney’s archives to.

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Just visit my library page for the link. Return to Book Page. The clear and simple explanation provides another perspective into looking at storyboards, into understanding what the scene means and how it contributes to the story. This book is an invaluable resource for any production designer.

Dream Worlds: Production Design for Animation

Object placement in a stand-alone game environment non-playble map has to fulfill the story and believability of the hns. The Lost Empire and Mulan. Our images are visible only for a few seconds, they have to be very precise in their arrangement. Honestly, this book made me want to watch Bambi again Visual development for a map or a game environment is no different. I found that if I just look at an art books for the sake of looking, I don’t walk away from it learning anything bachsr.

Instead you see his creativity manifest in Extremely inspiring. To view it, click here. Define the foreground, one or two middle ground areas, and then the background.

For calm and serene scene you will use a bright color palette. Do we lose the audience in an abstract visualization dreamwoelds it might be harder to establish an emotional connection to an abstract character?

Hans Bacher’s Dream Worlds

It depends on a theme and style of your project. For example, you could read an instructional manual on composition and lighting for photography but if you can’t translate it to game environments and how it improves your work, then you just got better at taking photos. Apr 08, Sarah Schanze rated it liked it Shelves: But even in nature you will find a situation where the sky is the darkest value and a middle-ground the lightest.


The feel of the place changes from paradise to terror induced jungle. With illustrations from Bambi, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Brother Bear and many more – it is a visual feast of never-before-seen artwork, complete with insight from the artist on how and why they were designed as they were.

The lessons taught are universal and can be applied in different fields if it’s related to art. Theres very little text in here and I wish he told more about the process than he already did.

You will also notice that I don’t use a lot of image examples from the book, because we need to relate everything back to game environment art and level design. Research architecture, location, theme, story, history and style of the place you want to create.

Learn about different color combinations such as monochromatic, complementary, split-complementary, analogous, triad. It’s the best time, like going to school again. So far I have seen a lot of the animated movies from all over the world, and I have a big library of movies and books about animation from the past 70 years.

In our design-planning stage, detail should only be added where it is needed to explain the story. Composition and scene arrangement of your yans has to be carefully planned from various points of view. Floor plans are also known as top down layout or top down views. You want to lead the direction for the player where to go in your environment.

Sometimes it is very easy to get the right reference within a short time; once in a while it is impossible. A good composition should have the right selection of order, rhythm and intelligent balance. It’s almost as if some poor studio assistant followed Hans Bacher around, taking notes as his thoughts bounced from obscure Rococo painters, to the Disney rdeamworlds, to the importance of balance and rhythm. Thanks for telling us about the problem.


The more bachr your research is, the fewer problems you will face during production.

Dream Worlds: Production Design in Animation – Hans P. Bacher – Google Books

As a comic book writer, that has some practical applications. EA Dice Call of Duty: Because you spent time in visual development, production process will be a lot smoother. Brooke Stephenson rated it it was amazing Mar 08, At the end of the film, drreamworlds color is especially important to build up the climax.

There is of course a scale of mid-values in different shades of gray. He even lists a full page of movies he recommends you learn from.

Though this book has really inspiring visuals especially the author’s pre-production work on The Lion King and Mulanthe text is a bit rambling. It bachef include architecture, interior design, photography, film dreamwolrds animation.

Mar 23, Alec Chalmers rated it really liked it. Open Preview See a Problem? Mar 04, Pranisha Shrestha rated it it was amazing. I go through documentaries as well as selected comic books and art books.

As the map progresses, the evening turns into night and the rain picks up to a downpour and eventually to a hurricane. There are two elements to consider before you start.

Sudheer Kasulanati rated it dreamwkrlds it May 03, There are also dedicated chapters to films where Hans Bacher talks specifically on how production design was done. Aug 21, Andrew rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dark and washed out color palette of browns, reds, greens and high contrast lighting would help to sell the scene better.