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56 always seemed to me an unclear hexagram.. fire on the top of mountain doesn’t light very far.. it works mostly so that someone is to be. Hi there, I have just asked about the status of the relationship of a friend with his lover and got the following hexagrams. Radiance The hexagram means a peak experience. It describes the wandering of a cyclic motion from the stability of its centre to an extreme of its ambit. Extreme.

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The great gate is wide open to bestow alms, and no crowd is blocking the way. Quick search excluding the forums: Hexagram number fifty-six is the reverse of hexagram number fifty-five.

There is fire on the mountain; this is Traveling. With such servants she will in the end have nothing of which to complain. This is not a mistake in the end. After all there is no complaint. It is hsxagrama that she brings on herself further calamity.

Look beyond such differences when they occur. The worst mistake a traveler can make is to forget that he is an outsider. The message is to let the Self guide you through a Transition.


I Ching Hexagram #56:

A position is undermined and support is lost because of arrogance. A bird’s nest burns. He heagrama ill at ease, a stranger in a strange environment. Home Contact Privacy and terms Site search Links. All of these images suggest a kind of willing sacrifice which one may not completely understand, but which will eventually result in an ample reward.

56: The Wanderer

On a day with bright sunshine and puffy cumulus clouds, if the clouds are blocking the sun, the Mountain is clearly lit by hazy sunlight. She has reached a high place. Hi Rodaki, I never thought of that image either until at Stillpoint I experienced it.

A fire on the mountain — the image of Transition. Two of the greatest assets of a traveler are modesty and a natural affection for people, hxagrama those who are very different from yourself.

This reminds us of the gnostic notion of the “Alien”: Let your heart be your guide. A relationship is a union of souls, designed to teach you unconditional love. The bird’s nest burns up. The traveler rests in his lodge. This site is intended for entertainment purposes only. In the end this results in a reward for the wanderer. This field should be left blank. In traveling burning his lodging, and losing his young servant; determination is dangerous.


Lu / The Wanderer

The meanness of the first line doesn’t arise from the nature of her occupation, but from her mind and aim being emptied of all that is good and ennobling. Lines two, three and four all depict “Inns” or temporary resting places commonly experienced in dreams as images of hotels or motels.

Receiving the Wanderer unchanging can show a current lack of commitment or an undecided situation similar to the Hanged Man in the tarot deck. One has not gotten a position. He shoots a pheasant.

This is not a direct translation of the original “Book of Changes” hexabrama BC. If a cloud passes partly over the sun, there is a line of shadow across the landscape. Here the thought is given sacrificed to the ruler or Self.