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Perímetro del cuello: 41cm. Hombros: 39cm. Brazo: 39cm. Pecho: cm. Cintura: 79cm. Cadera: 96cm. Piernas: 67cm. Rodilla: 52cm. 4 February, AM – Instituto Vander – Valencia – Venezuela – Talller de Hidrolipoclasia El término significa HIDRO de agua, LIPO de grasa, y CLASIA de . Hidrolipoclasia is not liposuction but an office procedure -; Salt water is injected into the fatty area and an ultrasonic machine is used to kill some fat cells.

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No, is not a painful treatment because the solution is injected directly into the fatty tissue and because this has no nerve endings, it is painless. It is used to improve skin texture, firmness and restoring its original tension. Yes, it can be repeated ultrzsonica month. Hydrolipoclasy is contraindicated for patients who experience pregnancy, lactation, patients who consume anticoagulants, collagen diseases, skin infections and patients immunosupressed or with active infections.

Liposuction or liposculpture removes pockets of unwanted fat cells from specific areas like thighs, hips, abdomen, knees, neck and upper arms. Ultrasonic sessions are recommended as are lymphatic draining sessions to facilitate the hidroliloclasia of fat. Prueba este tratamiento, has feliz a tu Cuerpo. Do I need a lymphatic drainage after fat dissolving injections? Otherwise know as liposuction hidroilpoclasia surgery. Home Aesthetic Surgery Hidrolipoclasy.

The Ultrasonic Hidrolipoclasia is a non-invasive treatment suited for treating cellulite ultraasonica localized fat. This process is also used to reduce the appearance of cellulite. After your first free visit to the doctor, he will guide you through the recommended areas to be treated.


Yes, there is no problem. Written by Nancy Magrini, M. This fat removal treatment is noninvasive, simple and with very nidrolipoclasia results. Can I combine Hidrolipoclasia with radiofrequency, ultracavitation or mesotherapy? Treatment is to be performed every 15 days. Can the treatment affect my health in some way? Yes, except if there is a hematoma which is rare. This is a non-surgical medical treatment focused hixrolipoclasia patients who want to reduce the measures of its body contour and eliminate localized fat.


The combination of both procedures hiddolipoclasia the breakdown of fat cells and their elimination through the urine. The reference price for a hidrolipoclasy in Argentina is USD per session but this may vary according to the needs and requirements of each patient.

What are Hidrolipoclasia alternatives?

Hidrolipoclasia – Dra. Luz Marina Díaz Medicina Estetica

To help in the elimination of fatty deposits we recommend that prior to treatment alcohol and fatty foods be avoided. To hidtolipoclasia the results exercise and a balanced diet are recommended. What is it about? The alternatives to this treatment are ultracavitation, mesotherapy lipodissolve, Radio Frequency for Body Sculpting and plastic surgeries as liposuction among others.

The use of the post-liposuction band can enhance the results. Can I tan after this fat removal without surgery treatment? Bilingual assistant, accommodation and transfers are optional. Possible side effects of this treatment are small areas of bruising due to the infiltration of saline solution, these will disappear after days.

How many sessions of Ultrasonic Hidrolipoclasia are needed?

Localized fat, hips, stomach, inner thighs, knees etc. Can I do exercises after Ultrasonic Hidrolipoclasia treatment?

Used to remove double chin and give a more refined aspect. Finally, the ultrasound is applied. After cleaning and disinfecting the skin, a sterile physiological solution and ultrasound are applied for hidrolipoflasia minutes. The action of physiological serum in the cell’s skin is boosted with the explosion effect done by ultrasound. The patient will experience an increase in urination and we recommend that you drink plenty of water to help in the elimination of toxins. The Ultrasonic Hidrolipoclasia consists in infiltrating physiological solution into the subnormal tissue and then high power ultrasounds that will provoke the rupture of the fat cells membranes and then the body takes care of removing them naturally.


No, it does not affect your health.

Ultrasonic Hidrolipoclasia – Dr. Campos Clinic – Marbella

Book here your Hjdrolipoclasia Consultation. One of the newest treatments used in cosmetic medicine for non-surgical body sculpturing, fat and cellulite reduction ulrrasonica Radio Frequency. Learn everything you need to know about Medical Tourism in Argentina. Hydrolipoclasy is a treatment that does not require sick leaves since it’s completely ambulatory. Ultrasonic Hidrolipoclasia Otherwise know as liposuction without surgery.

We can say that is a permanent solution if accompanied by a balanced diet and exercise.

Minimal side effects such as bruising. To achieve better results, a medical assessment is done to take measures of weight, height and body fat percentage. A tummy tuck or ultraeonica procedure is achieved in order to give to the stomach a esthetic contour by removing excess fat and skin from the abdomen. Physical activity is recommended immediately after the procedure.

Afterwards, ultrasound is applied, which produces cavitation in the tissue and stimulates the explosion and rupture of fatty cells.