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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Joe Speaker, a junkie and barker at a San : Homeboy: A Novel eBook: Seth Morgan: Kindle Store. Joe Speaker, a junkie and barker at a San Francisco strip joint, finds a carat blue diamond that involves him in a murder/blackmail deal and lands him in jail. Seth Morgan, who won acclaim last spring for his first novel, ”Homeboy,” which drew on his experiences in the drug culture of San Francisco.

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Seth Morgan (novelist)

But for all the intricacies of plot, the real pleasures of Homeboy are found in its relentless excess. Sure he loved her coarse mestiza hair, her dimpled coccyx and obloid nipples. After a high-priced hooker is killed and one of the world’s biggest diamonds is stolen, Joe Speaker, a strip-joint barker and dope addict, stumbles onto HOMEBOY, Seth Morgan’s stunning novel, is a gritty, ribald, and frenetically lyrical odyssey through the Strip in San Francisco -a netherworld of whores, pimps, dealers, and junkies – to the hell of Coldwater Penitentiary.

Or was he just her dealer? It was the socalled bad ones, the whores and strippers and all who had the market cornered on character, yeah. This was a man who was with Janis Joplin when she died, who had done his ‘finding himself’ journey across America on a Harley Davidson. Return to Book Page. George Frederick Morgan father. I’d never heard of it, but when I opened it and read the inside jacket flap: It is also a chilling portrait of life inside California’s notorious prisons and how Joe managed to survive doing his time day by day.


Did Seth really have a relationship with Janis Joplin? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Retrieved from ” https: Het verhaal is nochtans niet bijster origineel en lijkt een moderne versie van iets van Dashiell Hammett, maar dan gekruist met het genre van de moran novel. A Jim Thompson Primer. The Best Books of Morgan clearly had a gift and it’s a shame that talent is no longer with us.

At times his words come together in beautiful rhythms, paragraphs that frankly are spine-tingling, while it can also become weirdly cramped and slang-filled. It’s like Morgan’s hokeboy my tune. This offbeat novel is outstanding and certain to be talked about. His second novel, Mambo Mephistewas by his own account to be the definitive Mardi Gras novel.

Seth Morgan (novelist) – Wikipedia

The filthy, the insane and the desperate, perfectly captured. I may be some time. There are almost no books to compare this one to because it is so unique. According to their autopsies, both had high blood-alcohol levels and significant amounts of cocaine in their systems. Only then there I was in front of a table full of used books and this tubby Rasta dude was smiling at me.


Feb 14, Scott Mock rated it really liked it. I was introduced homdboy this novel, oddly enough, by Seth Morgan’s obituary. Joplin died before the two could actually tie the knot. NikKorpon from Baltimore is reading Book and books and books and February 14, – 5: To leave a comment Login with Facebook or create a free account.

The opening page practically fires the reader from a cannon:.

Geen idee hoe het einde afloopt, maar halfweg is al duidelijk dat het eerste deel, dat zich grotendeels afspeelt in het Tenderloin District van San Francisco een vreemde mengelmoes van sexclubs, alternatieve cultuur en ghettovorming die ook uitgebreid aan bod kwam in William T. Morgan’s only title published was Homeboya tale of heroin addicts and convicts.

Mambo Mephiste exists ghost-like on the web, with its ISBN number and ostensible publication date popping up in search results. Both were killed instantly. Levine was thrown 45 feet homehoy the roadway while Morgan crashed face first into a cement piling.

Jun 13, Katelyn rated it it was amazing.

Apr 24, andrew rated it liked it Recommends it for: View all 3 comments.