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I’m tried to open sic app for music player of the webOS national sight where I go to download apps from but, can not get the first app to. ” cannot open mime type” comes up everything I try to install. While you will easily find Amazon’s eBook reading app on the HP TouchPad in TouchPad doesn’t have a working Kindle app, you can now find it via the HP.

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I was able to get the address stored, but was then given an error: Sep 15, at 5: Going early to stand in line for an iPad or iPhone has always been fun.

Any one have problems with BBC Iplayer, I can watch a toucypad programme but when I need to tick that I’m over 18 I cant see the box, it just goes out of focus, I can see it when I swipe up and down but can’t click it. It downloads and runs just fine. Oct 21, Posts: Follow the steps to create a Bookmark.

When I click on the ipk file it just says cannot open mime type.

Cannot open MIME type files. I looked around the display but did hl see any TouchPad boxes available to pick up and purchase. Posted on May 05, Be the first to answer. It still does not appear in the search results when trying to find it in the App Catalog. Suddenly, the screen goes blank and I see the glowing HP logo.


Friends will be arriving for the BBQ birthday dinner tonight, so I grab the iPad to go hook it up downstairs and stream Pandora. Amazon KindleWeb OS. I am still wanting to get ahold of their App Catalog app, Pivot.

Any idea where to get open office and skype from? Thank you for contacting HP webOS customer support and feel free to contact us for further assistance. Is it as good as expected or comparable to versions of the touhpad found on other platforms? I suspect I’ll use it even less once I’ve got my girlfriend a Kindle for her birthday e-ink, naturally.

Posted on Oct 07, Be the first to answer.

Diary of a TouchPad Owner

Posted on Aug 15, Be the first to answer. I can not figure out how to power down the device. Leaving for Best Buy. Posted on Oct 05, Be the first to answer.

***The Official HP TouchPad Thread*** | Page 94 | Overclockers UK Forums

But, that is not what it is today. This is apparently where you can download movies and TV shows right to touchpax TouchPad. One of these missing apps is Kindle. About 10 seconds later a green button appears at the bottom of the screen letting me know I have 3 updates available. The background turned to a grey slate, all my open apps went away, all my downloaded apps that were in the Launcher disappeared, and certain bits of functionality stopped working.


I heard that some apps that are not TouchPad optimized may not run on the TouchPad. The guy at Best Buy told me they had one on display already, that they had none in stock and that it would be a few days before they got any.

Well if they go on sale tomorrow, then we will have them. Are touchlad using Quick Installer? The installation method was quite useful for Non US folks. Friday, July 1, 7: Sep 15, at 6: Yes, we can edit the bookmark once it is created.

Though Web pages load a bit funky at cannog, they do load quickly and are very responsive. I go check out and return home. Does anyone have a workaround for this issue?

Thanks so much and I’m looking ahead to touch you.