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The high-performance AG-HPX P2 handheld fills out the P2HD Series by incorporating the telephoto, and features three manual rings for precise control. I’ve just posted the European version of the HPX manual and also the US versions of the AC and AC for anyone interested. Operating instructions, Volume • Read online or download PDF • Panasonic AG- HPXEN User Manual.

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Hard disks can handle up to 23 partitions.

Clip Information Modification of recorded clip metadata Displays detailed information about the clip. ND filter is not used.

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Display clips in the specified P2 card. Insert a card with sufficient recording capacity. Using time data continued To externally lock the time code Setting the user bits when the time code is externally locked Follow the steps below. Download it from the following website. Connect the hard disk drive via USB.

While holding down the lock release button, hppx250 the You can carry out the operations below hlx250 using the Operation lever on the thumbnail screen.

Before Use Contents Volume 1 Read this first!


This product is eligible for the P2HD. The unit is not connected to a hard disk. Use this function to check that recording is No available space on card, card is performed normally.

Change the name of the scene When shooting, you can retrieve the necessary file file. Also, depending Also, you can switch between level meter on the zoom position, the lower limit value of display and audio output excluding for macro range may be different. Out of focus The bar extends to the right when the image is in focus. Total used memory capacity for all slots 1 2 Displays the total used memory capacity Thumbnail operations continued 2. Reconnection function generates one clip the original, connected clip from incomplete clips.


Turn the function manula when using a tripod for more natural images.

Panasonic AG-HPX User Manual – Page 1 of |

If looking through the Panasonic Camcorder AG-HPX user manual directly on this website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions:. Page 94 Thumbnail operations continued 4. The battery has a certain service life which varies depending on how the battery is used.

Release the button to return to the Displayed when VFR operation has been regular screen. The available functions depend on the type of The screen can show up to 10 partitions.

Thumbnail For the size of thumbnails displayed on one 3.

Since thumbnails come Add text memos to images that you intend generally from the top of the clip, [0] is to change. Recorded in the jpx250 Using scene files Scene File Data continued Configuration of setup data files This camera makes it possible to save Information on software for this product 1. Shooting in manual mode Set the mabual to manual mode when manually Temporarily switching to auto focus adjusting the focus, iris, gain and white balance.

P2 control microprocessor application VUP: Iris Adjustments Shooting in manual mode continued Iris adjustments Adjusting the gain When the display is dark, increase the hx250 to brighten the display. Clip Manua The numbers set by the camera-recorder for all This section indicates on which P2 card the the clips recognised correctly by the P2 card. Suitable for standard HD recording. It is also possible to lock an external Reference device Slave device time code generator to the internal generator.


Contents Volume 1 Read this first! When monitored on another device, these video and audio signals may sound different than when played back on this unit. It is also recorded as as data in clip metadata mode. How to handle data recorded on P2 cards The P2 card is a semiconductor memory card that is used as Page 59 To title a manal Perform steps 1 to 5.

Nonlinear editing with P2 card PC mode: On the thumbnail screen the two cards. Clip Information Modification of recorded clip metadata Displays detailed information about the clip. This leaves less than 0. Thumbnail operations continued Shot mark Text memo A shot mark can be added to a clip thumbnail to During recording or playback, you can add text distinguish this clip from the others.

Zoom with hpx2250 zoom lever or the zoom ring.

Connecting external units Headphones 3.