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If the grabbed women were raising hell, which apparently they are not, things would be different. Meanwhile, current and former intelligence and law-enforcement officials have reacted with a mix of bafflement and outrage to Mr. It really is funny to see blue states turning all pro-slavery all of a sudden.

The split in the Deep State is a reflection of the profound political disunity that is occurring in the U. This is more of the same demonization-mentality that resulted in African-Americans being dangled from branches or suspected sorcerers being torched alive by self-righteous American christians.


Is it your business? The mainstream media is not covering it. Il Grande Sfasciatore colpisce ancora: He has expanded upon this initial article in this compact but concise paperback. Reprinted with permission from GlobalResearch.

Actually, most women jl to have dealt with it quite well. There will be no lack of evidence. As reported earlier, Trump tweeted: CNN now has limited time to make their next move.


Lynch mob blood-lust is letferario mere finger pointed, the baying of deranged crowds and the stringing up of some unfortunate from the nearest tree without pause for a fair trial. Hermann Grosser, Il canone letterario. While our elites welcome the Third World immigration that is changing the face letterarlo America, France and Europe are recoiling from and reacting against it. In the case of a financial crisis, this article is a gold mine of suggestions, but writing out a step-by-step plan is also very helpful.


A group of 59 GOP representatives introduced a proposal — to allow the holder of a valid permit to carry a concealed handgun in any state — just after the body convened for its first session this week.

A more aesthetically pleasing version of Mr. And if Europe is moving away from what America has become and has on offer, what is there to cause Europeans to turn around and re-embrace liberal democracy? Joe Biden in Reprinted from Car Pro.

The act has long restricted gun possession within a distance of 1, feet from the grounds of a public, ip or private schools though it has been successfully challenged in the courts as unconstitutional, leading the law to be modified in Why do men go to gyms, and sweat and grunt and comoact bad? And anyone who dares to question the madding crowd is liable to meet the same grim fate.

It is where Trump used it. Seager seems to be operating under the assumption that any contact with aliens is a good thing. The term is still used today, in a much broader sense. Copyright C Il portico dipinto — Tutti i contenuti del sito sono rilasciati secondo la licenza by-nc-sa 3. To be fair, Ford and Fiat Chrysler have similar programs.

Do your thinking and planning now. So much talk about Trump not being in control of the words coming out of his mouth; so much concern that he will be rash in his decision making; so much fear that he will push the wrong button in a moment of rage.

These are generally less popular models, perhaps demos or loaner cars, but generally it will be their slowest sellers and oldest inventory. It is how things are.

il canone letterario compact 2 pdf

Rumor, speculation and propaganda have become the currency of US public discourse, ranging from the supposedly highest office of the White House to the legislative branch of government — and all reinforced by a supine media. We also focus on defensive tactics and how we will defend not only our homes, but our person, and our rights under the Constitution.


Russia, by the way, shares similar fears of a surprise US strike. Perhaps Hillary wants to be nearby in case some bad luck befalls Trump moments before his hand goes on the Bible.

What about after that? The truth is that women want to be regarded as sex objects. I think of the old Lone Ranger joke: What do they do for a living, why are they here right now? Will it be conducive to nuclear disarmament? They fear the North will supply more missiles and technology to Iran.

And that may explain why Trump has decided to overhaul the entire US security apparatus from the ground up. France and Europe may be moving inexorably away from a liberal democratic, de-Christianized and militantly secularist America. But we lost something through this trade as well: There are powerful corporate interests on both sides, which are now clashing.

It will heighten their awareness to the goings on around them and, should a dangerous situation arise, they will already be alert and ready.

Is the tendency at some future date towards the adoption of the martial law and the suspension of constitutional government? The ultimate intent of this campaign led by the Neocons and the Clinton Faction is to destabilize the Trump presidency. The bill, argues sponsor, Kentucky Republican U.