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Keywords: Characterization; Inulinase; Production; Purification; Streptomyces. 1. Introduction. Inulin is a polyfructan in plant consisting of linear chains. Aspergillus niger exo-inulinase purification by three phase partitioning. Inulinase (2, 1-β-D-fructan fructanohydrolase, EC ) hydrolyses inulin into. 42(4), August , pp. Purification and characterization of Inulinase from marine bacterium,. Bacillus cereus MU S Meenakshi1, S Umayaparvathi .

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Analysis of purified enzyme using gel electrophoresis revealed an apparent molecular weight of KDa. Free and immobilized forms. Recent developments in microbial inulinases. Representing the results of fraction 50 fraction of inuline lyase enzyme using the chromatograph resulted in one sharp peak and the molecular weight was obtained KDa.

Similar results were obtained by Burne et al. The bacterial culture used in this study was the strongest inulinalytic strain among 50 isolates: Inulinase activity ppurification assayed in the reaction mixture inoculated with different enzyme concentration 0.

How to cite this article: The most potent isolate was identified as Streptomyces grisenus. Then, the enzyme precipitate was dissolved in 0. However pure enzyme was stable in the presence of CaCl 2.

In the present review, various properties of inulin as a potent substrate for inulinase production are summarized. These results are similar to those obtained by yokota et al. The eluate was assayed for protein content and inulinase activity. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences Volume 9 5: The optimum growth and inulinase activity occurred in the presence of 0.


The metabolism of fructose polymers in plants. Assay of inulinase activity and protein content of each fraction were examined.

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Similar result was obtained by Kim and Byum who stated that the immobilization of inulinase on various matrices such as, nylon and 2-aminoethyl – cellulose AE-celluloseshowed that immobilization on AE-cellulose with glutaraldehyde treatment gives lnulinase results in terms of activity and stability. Cite this article as: Isolation of mutant of Kluyeromyces sp.

Purification, properties and comparison of invertase, exoinulinase and endoinulinase of Aspergillus ficuum. Production of inulotriose from inulin by Inulin-degrading enzyme from Streptomyces rochei E Effect of pH iulinase on the specific activity of purified inulinsae from Streptomyces grisenus.

Elution profile of the enzyme produced streptomyces grisenus after sephadex G filtration. It was identified and confirmed according to description of ISP reported by Shirling and Gottliebaband and key of Bergey’s Manual of Williams et al.

The results in Table 6 and 7 revealed the effect of some physical puriflcation on purified enzyme produced by streptomyces grisenus viz. Increased bioavailability of minerals, lowering of serum lipids levels relevant for cardiovascular disease and stimulation immune response Coudray et al.

Dietary fiber, inulniase and oligofructose: Results represented in Table 8 Indicated that the inulinase activity increased with increasing the substrate concentration until 1 mu and the activity was constant between 1- muinulin. Purification and characterizationof an endoinulinase from Xanthomonas oryzae No. Beta fructofuranosidases of Helianthus tuberosus L. Biochemical, biophysical properties and structure-function analysis elucidates the substrate specificity of enzyme as well as its phylogenetic evolution and relationship.


Effect of soluble or partly soluble dietary fibres supplementation on absorption and balance of calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc in healthy young men.

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 9: GNDuI produced high levels of extra cellular inlinase after 24 h at pH 7. Optimisation of inulinase production by Kluyveromyces bulgaricus. Furthermore, this review highlights the various physico-chemical characteristics of fungal inulinases to determine their suitability for industrial use.

Purification and characteristics of two exoinulinases from Chrysosporium pannorum J. Gel inulnase using sephadex G These results agreement with Gupta et al.

After separation, the proteins were transferred to a polyvinylidene difluoride membrane, and after staining with ponceau S solution, the inulinase protein band was cut from the membrane and subjected to amino acid sequence analysis.

Production, Purification, Characterization and Applications of Fungal Inulinases | BenthamScience

Effect of metal ions on the purified inulinase produced by Streptomyces grisenius. Purification and Characterization of Exoinulinase Enzyme from Streptomyces grisenus. A review comparing their physiological effects. Exocellular Inulinase of Bacillus subtilis