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ISO uses the term, Integrated Circuit Card (ICC) to encompass all those devices where an integrated circuit is contained within an ISO ID1 identification card. Identification cards — Integrated circuit(s) cards with contacts — Part 1: Physical characteristics. ISO/IEC specifies the physical characteristics of integrated circuit cards with contacts. It applies to identification cards of the ID-1 card type, which.

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This will involve the setting of flags in the PROM memory that will inhibit any further changes to be made to the PROM memory except under direct control of the application. Ido the application is to be placed in the PROM memory of the IC then the next stage in the process is to load the code into the memory.

It ay use biometric methods and standards to achieve personal identification. This is in itself an integral and complex process that we shall describe later in more detail.

ISO Identification uso – recording techniques These commands cover the entire life cycle of the card and therefore some commands may be used 786-1 the card has been issued to the cardholder or after the card has expired. A card may support either but not both simultaneously. Registration of application providers”.

The Contact Card is the most commonly seen ICC iwo date largely because of its use in France and now other parts of Europe as a telephone prepayment card. This signal is designed to provide the high voltage required to enable writing to the non volatile memory.


This part specifies the requirements for embossed characters on identification cards for the transfer of data by imprinters or by visual or machine reading. It includes the following:. There are a number of factors to be decided in the specification of the integrated circuit for the Smart Card. ISO includes the commands 781-1 internal security management of the card and may include encryption techniques and other security management methods.

ISO Introduction

The Part 1 standard also defines additional characteristics that should be met in the manufacturer of an IC card. This is the signal line 78816-1 which the chip receives commands and interchanges data with the outside world.

It should be noted however that in the future we are likely to see a move ieo 3 volts taking advantage of advanced semiconductor technology and allowing much lower current levels to be consumed by the integrated circuit. It specifies the physical characteristics, layout, recording techniques, numbering system and registration procedures. In other words when the power is removed they still retain their contents.

The subject of multi-applications 78116-1 particularly the implementation of security segregation is another subject for more detailed discussion in subsequent parts. Hence the now agreed lower location which does of course result in higher bending stress on the chip.


Got Something To Say: Early applications of Smart Cards emanated in France where the Transac magnetic stripes were more central on the card than that eventually defined by ISO The ISO standard defines the location of contacts and dimensions. This standard specifies the physical characteristics of identification cards including card material, construction, characteristics and isk dimensions for three sizes of cards ID -1, ID -2 and ID This is accomplished by using the basic commands contained in the operating system in the mask ROM.

Most IC cards have a power consumption of between 10mA and 20mA at 3.

ISO/IEC 7816

Vcc is the supply voltage that drives the chips and is generally 5 volts. The ISO standard includes specifications for the commands for card management. The ISO standard aligns with the use of two widely used external clock frequencies, 3. Retrieved from ” https: This was preferable because of iwo residual risk of chip damage due to bending.

Clearly the transmitter cannot be outputting stop bits but must let the line go high during the guard time in order to sense the line state. Personal verification through biometric methods”. Hence the fundamental component of the IC is a memory module. Test Credit Card Numbers.