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Verify its writeRecStore method, if you already have the first record saved only need to update their values ​​with setRecord. See an example we use here. The RMS supports the creation and management of multiple record stores, shown in Figure below. A record store is a database whose central abstraction is the. Import section import *; import *; import *; import *; import

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Records are uniquely identified by a record ID, which is the only primary key type supported.

Records are arrays of bytes. Add backCommand to it. A record store is created by a MIDlet. The Record Management System RMS provides a file system—like environment that is used to store and maintain persistence in a small computing device. If yes means, You h2me to get the last level and score that is stored in Record.

Rsm type of all record ids is the Java built-in type int. Log inRegister. Access is limited by the authorization mode set when the record store was created: Now we come to the most interesting and easy part of creating the application. In that case, the record stores are still distinct and separate.


The authorization mode choices are: Avvoltoio at Left click on the event and drag it to the item you want to be displayed on occurrence jme that event. These are useful for synchronization engines as well as other things. The first record created in a record store will have recordId equal to 1, and each subsequent recordId will monotonically increase by one.

Access controls are defined when RecordStores to be shared are created. Retrieved from ” http: Rename the List name as well as the instance name as menu. This is an easy drag and drop process. Record store implementations ensure that all individual record store operations are atomic, synchronous, and serialized so that no corruption occurs with multiple accesses.

J2ME RMS Read Write

The platform is responsible for making its best effort to maintain the integrity of the MIDlet’s record stores throughout the normal use of the platform, including reboots, battery changes, etc.

Rename it as backCommandView. MIDlet suites are only allowed to delete their own record stores.

EXE’ is not recognized as an internal or ext. The certification names are the trademarks of their respective owners. MIDlets within a MIDlet suite are allowed to create multiple record stores, as long as they are each given different names. This recordId is used as the primary key for the records. To create a simple application in J2ME that will provide facility for storing expenses.


This argument is ignored if the RecordStore exists. Now go to the palette window and select the list rns. The RMS API abstracts the device-dependent details of the storage mrs and access to those details, and it provides a uniform mechanism to create, destroy, and modify data. Add another List item and rename it as viewExpense.

java me – Read and write RMS in j2me – Stack Overflow

The RMS doesn’t support the definition or formatting of fields within a record. The same name can be used in different MIDlet suites, however. The application will provide options for storing the reason for expens and the amount spent using an easy interface. Access controls are enforced when RecordStores are opened. Khiem Khiem 54 2 8. Ahmed Nawaz Mari at This can be done by right clicking on the list and selecting properties option.