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Unfortunately, the version of The Humanoids I read also contains the Jack Williamson short story “With Folded Hands,” which is a. Jack Williamson’s novel, The Humanoids (), is considered of the most important stories about robots and humanity. Many previous stories about robots, . To Serve and Obey, And Guard Men from Harm. Thats their slogan. Theyre the humanoids, created by a well-intentioned scientist named.

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He sees most williamspn losing their freedom of action and their minds in a drug-clouded state of artificial euphoria. Pages to import images to Wikidata. Thanks for telling us about the problem. They are opposed by a group of dissenters who have developed powers which the author calls “Psychophysical” clairvoyance, telekinesis, teleportation, etc who join with a scientist who is an expert in a fictional science called “Rhodomagnetics”.

Do not fear the dystopia.

Really, the writing was that awful. I should have known better than to start re-reading Golden Age SF at my ajck I’m planning to see how the second volume in the series is reviewed and then I’ll decide if I want to read that. Telotte Limited preview – But are they perfect servants–or perfect masters? The state effectively does everyhting for you or rather the Humanoids do and life becomes pointless.

The point is made that by exploiting a new technology developed with all the best intentions in this case a Humanoid robot that is designed in the Asimov “Three Laws Of Robotics” fashion, meaning it will not hurt wllliamson human being can have devastating effects. A plethora of science fiction B-movies in the s took as their theme the dangers of technology. Her bare brown feet were shuffling uncomfortably on the hot asphalt, and he first thought she had come to beg for something to eat.


The story grows out of that general feeling that some of the technological creations we had developed with the best intentions might have disastrous consequences in the long run that idea, of course, still seems relevant today. It was also the name of a character in the TV series Rawhide. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Winn rated it really liked it. Slowly the humanoids spread throughout the galaxy, threatening to stifle all human endeavor.

But he explained to me that I should be writing all the time, connections or no connections, sales or no sales, markets or no markets. The counter-arguments by the other side are quite humanods at times, which makes for good tension.

In both the short story, and the novel, the action is mostly gripping, and sci-fi concepts thought provoking.


The Humanoids is a robot story and I love robot stories. It’s quite amazing that this book was first published in The late s was a period of remarkable creativity for future sci-fi Grand Master Jack Javk.

The story may have been a trend-setter, actually; and as is often the case, those who followed the trend had neither the subtlety nor the imagination of the person who set the trend.

Williamson introduced a number of words to science fiction iack have been used by later authors. This page was last edited on 30 Aprilat To the humanoids, anything that might hurt a human is too dangerous for a human to have. In a distant future, the Humanoids, a race of robots with a prime directive to protect humans at all costs, effectively invades different planets and takes over.

Williamson began publishing in and continued to do so until with “The Stonehenge Gate. In Williamson’s story, just about everyone in society acquires one of these technical wonders a shiny black thinking robot to do just about everything for them to the point that humans become prohibited to do just about anything for themselves, for one might hurt himself by doing it, hence the title “With Folding Hands.


This is maybe one of the most poignant and elegiac pieces of science fiction I’ve ever read. Paperbackpages.

The Humanoids: A Novel – Jack Williamson – Google Books

Since many things people do are “dangerous” to the body or mental state, the small black machines protect people by effectively preventing them from doing anything interesting, exciting, fulfilling, or fun.

Only a hidden group of rebels can stem He’s an unpleasant, unhappy, unhealthy man too caught up in his work to have any real human connections. Trivia About The Humanoids Hu It is far, far in the future and many thousands of light years from Mother Earth. In the book’s ambivalently downbeat ending, a case is made for the Humanoids’ positive aspects by Sledge himself, here, for some reason, renamed Warren Mansfield that is almost a convincing one.

A classic full of great and wondrous ideas hence the two stars instead of onebut some of the very worst writing I’ve slogged through in years. It could affect how I feel about the ending, if I read the next book and it answers my questions. It seemed too pat, and I didn’t find it very believable or satisfying. It would be a great book to use in a high school classroom. Readers expecting a traditional humans vs. The Hum A disturbing and thought provoking sci-fi about a so called benevolent race of robots who’s prime directive is ‘to serve and obey and guard men from harm’.