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One day, a boy named Jacob Two-Two (aptly named because every phrase that he utters is repeated) decides to set out to prove himself to his parents that he. Directed by Theodore J. Flicker. With Stephen Rosenberg, Alex Karras, Guy L’ Ecuyer, Joy Coghill. A six year old boy has a dream in which he is in jail. Poor Jacob Two-Two, only two plus two plus two years old and already a prisoner of The Hooded Fang. What had he done to deserve such terrible punishment?.

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Jacob has to take on the Hoodfd and liberate all the wrongfully locked up kids. Already have an account? I want two pounds of firm, ripe tomatoes. Daniel, Jacob, Noah, Martha and Emma.

Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang

But this is a cute book, and a bit lengthy for young kids. Jacob panics and runs from the store. Sep 08, 96 Pages Middle Grade Buy.

The fog-bound and crocodile infested prison is presided over by the fearsome Hooded Fang Gary Busey. Maybe more of a book for adults than kids?? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But there’s a lot of silly laughs and honestly, it’s cute enough to read with your kid as part of an ongoing bedtime story, or something after their afternoon nap.

I hoooded it well enough and it showed me a whole other side of a writer more known, at least in Canada, for his satirical novels and punchy social commentary. They warn the judge that if they hear of any cruelty in the prison, then he will be hearing from jxcob. While reading the book, I tried thinking what could I have felt following the adventures or misadventures of Jacob Two-Two. Cooper were only joking, but Jacob is already too far away.

One day, he decides to buy the groceries for his parents, where he says, typically for Two-Two: Oct 11, Troy Parfitt rated it it was amazing. Johnnie Chase as Officer. Memoirs of a Rabbi’s Daughterwhich discusses Mordecai’s birth and upbringing, and the sometime difficult relationship between them. The film begins in Jacob Two-Two’s home in Montreal. Then because of our noisy nagging, they would go nearer. Movie Info Based on noted Montreal author Mordecai Richler’s rang children’s adventure of the same name, the film is about tqo boy named Jacob Max Morrow who has to say everything twice to be heard, simply because he is the youngest of five children.


So, why do children stay too close to the TV while watching? So, it was an okay book, but better for like 3rd or 4th grader.

I remember that this book scared me when I read it as a little girl. But the teo is uneven, the pacing not fast enough for young attention spans, and the material may simply be too downbeat to click with the under-ten set. I also have vague awareness of Mordecai Richler and was surprised to find him author of this whimsical character.

Eventually this annoying and misunderstood habit gets him in trouble with a nasty grocer, and he ends up on a prison island for rude children. Even though the movie has a lot of 70’s style clothing and cheap costumes, they get so involved with hpoded story that the special effects don’t matter.

I still find it funny that even the theatrical film takes place in Canada though. We’ve sent an email with instructions to create a new password. What had he done to deserve such a punishment?

I was stoked that the main character had my name. The film then cuts back to the prison, where Jacob is working in the smog making workshop. I’ll admit right from the start, I’m totally biased when it comes to this children’s novel. Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang a story about a little boy who is two plus two plus two years old.

Apr 24, Joejava rated it really liked it. October Learn how and when to remove this template message.


Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang () – IMDb

Jake Goldshire as Oscar. My college roommate found the movie and the book for me and gave it as a gift one Christmas. Jacob Two Two is a loveable character who says everything two times because no one ever listens to him the first time!

Richler enrolled in Sir George Williams College now Concordia University to study English but dropped out before completing his degree.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Paperback87 pages. More Top Movies Trailers. Iacob the first question. To see mets your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Thank you for verifiying your email address.

After several hugs, the Hooded Fang agrees to deliver the letter for Jacob. Dec 17, Luke rated it really liked it Shelves: Two things make this movie worth watching, Gary Busey and Ice T, both play their parts hilariously. I will say this book might be a touch dark for its intended audience. And I should probably mention that my ten-year-old, upon being urged to read it, found it okay but not great. Full Cast and Crew. Accessed 24 July He is sent to a prison for children that is located on Slimer’s Island and is run by the Hooded Fang, an ex-wrestler who outwardly hates children.

As The Globe and Mail writer James Bradshaw writes, Jacob Two-Two is “two plus two plus two years old, has two brothers and two sisters, and has to say everything twice just to be heard; odd numbers aren’t his thing.