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JIS G Carbon Spring Steel Wire Consistent Reliable tensile and Excellent Surface Finish. Description. GUANGHUA – High Carbon Spring Expert. Wires for . Product Name. JIS G High Tensile Strength Galvanized Steel Wire Price. Standard. DIN , EN, JIS G , JIS G , JIS G 16 products offers 16 jis g swc high tensile spring steel wire products. About % of these are steel wire. A wide variety of jis g swc high.

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Mainly for dynamic load spring. This stipulation was set inby separating JIS G stainless steel alloy wire. Springs from this material are available fro the place requested anti.

It is possible to treat above tons steel by replenishing undiluted solution. Low Ni and Cr content than SUS with high strength obtained by work hardening, and excellent in resistance jos fatigue and yield.

JIS G 3521 Medium Carbon Steel Wire

The wire is widely used for general industrial springs, including suspensions in two- and four-wheel vehicles. There are no problems such as erosion to stainless steel metal surface, brittleness and jus on after descaling. It is possible that the total processing time from descaling to glazed finish is much shortened from traditional 60 minutes to 5 minutes if RNC-5 is combined with RC-3, the descaling agent. This is a grade of steel designed for cold heading. Synergy is created with fine tempering and high-frequency short-term tempering that creates high-strength and high toughness simultaneously.


So it improves the defect like shape variations by after coating, entanglement, spark scratch, hydro-brittleness of the spring and unevenness of copper coating.

For small screw, nail, mesh, etc. Additive for stimulating iron dissolution Descaling agent for adding in nitric acid Inhibiting agent for NOx on descaling. The free element is remarkable for its robustness, especially the fact that it has the highest melting point of all the non-alloyed metals and the second highest of all the elements after carbon.

Stainless steel netting is mainly used for conveyor belt for chemical, oil etc. And it has better fatigue strength than AISI All kinds of metals.

Descaling and surface roughing agent for nickel stainless steel. Excellence in anti-erosion especially seawater. Cleaning agent for zinc phosphate film, oxalate film, mineral oil.

Surface preparation agent for copper alloy. Silicon Manganese steel oil tempered wire A for spring. This contributes to cut costs.

JIS G High Carbon Spring Steel Wire rod Consistent Reliable tensile

Nickel chrome molybdenum Steel. By low temperture annealing after shaping, stainless spring’s character is enhanced by elasticy limitat extention. This is a grade of steel wohse hardness after quenching is higher than that of and J1. A molybdenum-added 18Cr-8Ni steel with controlled carbon at an extremely low level, it is used for applications that require resistance to corrosion, acid and intergranular corrosion. Alkali and strong degreasing cleaning agent paste.


High strength phosphor bronze h. Brightening agent for austenite series stainless steel screw.

Water-soluble, long-term antirust agent. It has high anti-corrosion resistance.

China JIS G Medium Carbon Steel Wire – China Wire, Black Steel Wire

The phosphorus also improves the fluidity of the molten metal and thereby improves the castability, and improves mechanical properties by cleaning up the grain boundaries. Contact For Free Shipping. Wire is used for coil spring, swirl spring, brush etc.

Tensile strength is same as that of SW-B.