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Joseph Zeltsman passed away in , Manchester, Massachusetts. The obituary was featured in The Daily Record on January 4, , and The Star-Ledger on. Portrait/nature photographers. Joe Zeltsman’s course on portraiture at: http:// Joe Zeltman, a portrait special was his mentor and the person who developed the very simple approach to posing Monte used. Zeltsman’s tutorial on posing and.

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A pose will look more stereotypically masculine if the head is kept squared off and centered with the shoulder line zwltsman eye and shoulder line at the same angle – with the body in a more square to the camera, forward leaning aggressive posture. Structured Portraiture People may be photographed different ways to serve different functions, and structured portraiture roughly divides into five categories.

That’s what Zeltsman did to come up with the basic characteristics of a masculine and feminine postures. Meaningful portraiture is mainly the result of communication between the photographer and the subject.

I gravitated toward portrait photography because I like people and enjoy working with them. We’ve selected our favorite lenses for Sony mirrorlses cameras in several categories to make your decisions easier.

Posing using the Zeltsman / Zucker Method

The truth is easy to miss him in today’s market. The best camera bargains of It is far more difficult to do on a white background because the tonal balance is reversed – the darkest things attract the most attention – and because color contrast plays a greater role than tone in defining what is most important.


Submit a News Tip! Zeltsman’s genius was realizing that all poses must start with the feet on the ground and that how they are placed and weight shifted between them will cause just about everything above the ankles except the head to automatically fall into the desired pose.

And should one wish to develop a different style, one will need zeltsmna hone one’s craft and philosophy just as much.

Link: Joe Zeltsman’s excellent tutorial on portraiture

And understanding composition is also the same. Clearly, people like Mr Zeltsman meet a need. I have the picture in my bedroom. Forum Parent First Previous Next. So what is the answer David? But I still hate those darn backgrounds. With digital this zelsman totally of the mark.

Zeltsman Apporach to Traditionla Classic Portraiture

Joe Zeltsman’s excellent tutorial on portraiture Discussion in ‘ Leica and Rangefinders ‘ started by rowlettMay 27, What is it that brides are wanting? Any pose can be built on those two conceptual foundations.

If the face is asymmetrical one oblique view – the narrower side – will be more attractive and flattering than the other with short lighting. The next step is the magic one. The more you do that the better you get at evaluating. Thus, the effects you see reflecting in my portraits, are just as effective regardless where you work. What are they willing to pay for? Only the face and expression should stand out as the dominant point of interest to a beholder. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Remember those powder blue tuxedos with frilly shirts!! Share This Page Tweet. Soon, from habit, you will perform the purely technical tasks automatically. It is a little “blast from the past” but all 16 chapters are a wonderfully detailed course on portrait photography.


There he could teach many of us including me a lot of meaningful things, there. So many people taking this person serious. Your name or email address: Even up until about 5 years ago I remember going to a guild meeting and talking to the guy next to me and him telling me he just didn’t have time for people that were under 5G for their packages. You’re my childhood hero.

David I have to zeltsma you on your persistance and discipline to this blog. Booking the 2G wedding is getting harder and harder especially if you aren’ willing to give them the “disk”. As I remember he was such a good teacher and so easy goingso relaxed.

Zeltsman, Joe

I have wondered on occasion about those mottled backdrops in truly ghastly colors. The truth I think he would enjoing more than ever That said, I find personally that location portraiture with proper lighting gives the best results possible.

If you’re looking for a high-quality camera, you don’t need to spend a ton of cash, nor do you need to buy the latest and greatest new product on the market. Tell everyone to shift their weight to the back foot and lift the heal off front one slightly jos the ground. The Wacom Intuos Pro is a workflow-boosting machine. And with transparency he’d have a hard time.