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2 Select the pattern No. you desire to sew. When the power is turned ON, the data input screen is displayed. Pattern No. button. (B) which is selected at present. Product Information of LBHAN Series – JUKI Industrial Sewing Machine. Only spare parts designated by JUKI can be used for repairs. .. Computer- controlled, high-speed, lockstitch buttonholing machine, LBH, has the subclass.

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Page 59 Page 60 – Replacing the cloth cutting knife soleno Provided as standard stepping motor type. Remove the needle bar and neel bar bracket together with needle bar rocking frame 5. Item Setting range Edit unit Initial value Presser lifter maximum lbg-1790 0 to Computer-controlled, high-speed, buttonholing machine 5 pages.

Automatic Sewing Machine JUKI-LBH, Balaji Sewing Machine Private Limited | ID:

LBHA Series Computer-controlled, High-speed, Lockstitch Buttonholing Machine Thanks to the multiple knife-dropping function, it is no longer required that the knife be changed at the buttonhole size is changed. Page – Power circuit diagram Single phase V Error code Display Description How to recover Place of recovery Presser size over of basting E Possible to re-enter after Sewing data edit screen When stitching data of basting exceeds presser size.


Time Chart 4 Trimming position!

Sewing settings can be easily changed. Item Setting range Edit unit Initial value Cloth cutting knife size 3. Page 85 9 Eyelet straight bar-tacking type 10 Eyelet flow bar-tacking type S Disassembling the face plate section 1 Remove the face plate and the needle. Error Code List Knife size inch B: Page 87 17 Eyelet round type 18 Square radial type S When main motor 3 interferes with the presser lifter motor and it is difficult to remove it, loosen four setscrews in the presser lifter motor and slightly move the presser lifting motor to the side.

Lift of the work clamp.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Page 89 25 Semilunar radial type 26 Semilunar round type S Page 81 2 Level 2 Press key for three seconds and it is possible to edit.

Juki Automatic Sewing Machine LBH A, Speed: RPM, Rs /piece | ID:

Remove the needle and the cloth cutting knife from the sewing machine. For the position of the stopper, refer to 3. Origin of needle rocking stepping motor 4 can be adjusted with memory switch level 2 2.

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Intermittent feed by stepping motor. Adjustment excessively small, the knife of initial position of the knife installing base comes in contact Adjusting The Presser Lifter 10 Adjusting the presser lifter Standard Adjustment 1 Adjusting the backlash of the presser lifter gear 1.

Size of cloth cutting knife.

Juki LBH-1790, Electronic Button Hole Machine

Page 25 Page 26 – Adjusting the bobbin thread trimming ori JUKI’s unique active tension Electronic thread tension control system. Various Data List 8. Adjust so that backlash is 0. Automatically computed from the size of the buttonhole. The Instruction Manual for these machines intended for the maintenance personnel and operators at an apparel factory contains operating instructions in detail.

Cloth cutting length S Page – Power circuit diagram Single phase Knife size mm C: In addition, knife mechanisms for 70mm and mm are optionally available. Turn OFF the power switch of the sewing machine.