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In its secret report, never made public in Pakistan the commission, headed by then Chief Justice of Pakistan, Hamoodur Rahman, held widespread atrocities. The report of the Hamoodur Rahman Commission (HRC) set up by president Z.A. Bhutto in to inquire into the Pakistani debacle in East. with the original report’s outcome, Hamoodur Rahman Commission. Supplementary the then Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan as its head . The.

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Nature of Disciplinary Action 2. Niazi’s only reaction to these warnings about the new threat was to hastily raise two ad hoc Divisions namely 36 Div in Sept and 39 Div on the 19th of Nov by committing his command reserves.

We believe that such action would not only satisfy the nations demand for punishment where it is deserved, but would also serve to emphasise the concept of professional accountability which appears to have been forgotten by senior army officers since their involvement in politics, civil administration and Martial Law duties.

His Divisional Commander, Maj.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report – Wikipedia

It was mandate to have a justic responsibility of national defence and mechanism of plans based on a joint objectives. Magnitude of Atrocities Views Read Edit View history. It reveals more facts of history than any other textbook authorised by the Government of Pakistan.

The other simply disappeared. Nevertheless, as a result of our detailed study of the written statement, submitted by the General and the lengthy cross-examination to which we subjected him during his appearance before us, as well as the evidences from other witnesses from East Pakistan, we have formed the view that Maj.

After the repatriation of prisoners of war from India, the Commission was reactivated in May, There is evidence to the effect that civilian shops and stores were broken into by the troops without preparing any record of what was taken and from where.

There has been some controversy as to the exact status of Lt Gen. Story of Pakistan reports. Niazi is that he was making money in the handling of Martial Law cases while posted as G.

The Hamoodur Rehman Commission Report performs the task of a textbook on the history of Pakistan, based on the evidence placed before the Commission by those it summoned.


However, in the absence of any other reliable date, the Commission is of the view that the latest figure supplied by the GHQ should be accepted. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, on the 26th December, to enquire into the circumstances in which the Commander, Eastern Command surrendered and the members of the armed forces of Pakistan under his command laid down their arms and a cease-fire was jjustice along the borders of West Pakistan and India and along the cease-fire line in the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

He could therefore make no contribution to the war commissoon his performance created the impression that he was shaky in battle. From rauman above clarification it will be appreciated that there was no requirement to furnish commissin of the above expenditure to any accounts department.

We have then examined the events occurring between the 1st and the 25th of March,when the Awami League had seized power from the Government of General Yahya Khan, necessitating resort to the military action of the 25th of March, We, therefore, reassembled on the 23rd of October, at Abbottabad to prepare this Supplement to our main report.

Nanda Jagjit Singh Aurora K. The wisest course of action for Gen. Niazi on correct lines, and if his advice had been accepted, some of the disgraceful episodes might have been avoided.

We would, accordingly, reiterate the recommendation made by us in Paragraph 7 of Chapter III of Para V of the main report that the Government of Pakistan should set up a high-powered Court or Commission of Inquiry to investigate comkission allegations, and to hold trials of those who indulged in these atrocities, brought a bad name to the Pakistan Army justife alienated the sympathies of the local population by their 42 acts of wanton cruelty and immorality against our own people.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report

Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report Chapter 3 Professional Responsibilities of Certain Senior Army Commanders In Chapters 1, 2 and 5 of Part 5 of the main report we have dealt with the moral and disciplinary aspects of the events and causes leading to the defeat of the Pakistan Army in the war, and have also touched upon the individual responsibility of certain senior officers.

On the contrary, some officers like Lt. From the photostat copy sent to the Government of Pakistan by the Government of Bangladesh, it becomes clear that the paper on which these words are written was apparently in the nature of a writing pad on which notes are jotted down as an aid to memory. The evidence clearly discloses that none of the fortresses were manned nor did they have protective defences capable of withstanding enemy attacks supported by armour.


We can only hope that the nation has learnt the necessary lessons from these tragic events and that effective and early action will be taken in the light of the conclusions reached in the report.

The Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission Report | A Review

Gen Ti kk a Khan have already been quoted by us in an earlier chapter, viz: These protestations of innocence haven’t gone down too well. Tikka Khan was always willing to redress grievances and take disciplinary action whenever complaints of excesses were brought to his notice.

We are at a loss to understand how he expected the concept to succeed in these circumstances. Mansoorul Haq Witness No.

While discussing the military aspect of the erport in the Main Report we came to the conclusion that the major role repory the disaster had been that of the ground forces, that the strategic concept embodied in war Directive No.

Statements were also sent from members of armed forces, civil services and the police services involved and we then proceeded after scrutiny of these statements to summon the witnesses.

In more concrete terms, Nur Khan called for a high-powered commission comprising army officers and civilians with impeccable credentials to probe Pakistan’s “national disasters”.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission – Wikipedia

On the fourth day of the all-out-war major fortresses were abandoned without a fight, namely, Jessore and Jhenidah the West and the Brahmanbaria in the East. Farman Ali to explain the significance of this writing and the circumstances under which it came to me made by him. An inquiry was ha,oodur from Maj Gen. From the detailed accounts which have come before us of the behaviour and attitude of both these officers, we have no hesitation in recording the opinion that at all hamoidur times Maj.