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Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Giro en la Divina Voluntad (3) (EspaƱol) – Luisa Piccarreta – SFVT. Round of the soul in the Divine Will (English) – Luisa Piccarreta – SFVT. LUISA PICARRETA AMADORA DE LA DIVINA VOLUNTAD.

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The enemy suggests this to me: Your counsels and suggestions fill me with consolation, but I am still a child in this great science of the Divine Will. Magisterio de la Iglesia.

When Blessed Hannibal had already been appointed ecclesiastic censor of the Archdiocese of Trani, he writes:. And the next paragraph makes it clear just how far the Divine Will wants to go in the souls where it wants to reign. Although the task was gigantic, as he himself had said, with generosity and complete abandonment into the hands of providence, he began the undertaking.

We piccarrwta selected a few paragraphs to show how the Divine Will made its way in volunad soul. The infernal enemy put a thought into my mind: Being very diivina and possessing the right spirit, they could be my successors in this great work if the Lord should call me: Meanwhile, I am finishing volume two, five and six.

Well, now ask our Lord with faith and love, that you might at least work the miracle of returning my health to me. Padres de la Iglesia. And shortly afterward he gave out a cry of joy, which also penetrated heaven and earth, and Jesus told you that piccarteta was so happy because he saw the sons of the Divine Will appearing in the world. Father Hannibal is like the initiator, the pioneer of the Divine Will, who was to prepare the way for the recognition of the volumes and therefore of all their contents, on the part of the ecclesiastical authority, with the granting of the Nihil Obstat and the Imprimatur.


But unfortunately, after his death, they did not continue what he had entrusted to them.

So, it is not permissible for you to leave off even a single syllable. Di Francia, who has shown so much interest in the publication of everything concerning my Will?

Luisa Piccarreta – Hannibal Mary Di Francia, apostle of the Divine Will

But Father Hannibal was always faithful to puccarreta Divine Will and he never gave up. With the help of the Lord, we will print hundreds of thousands of membership certificates. In a word, I feel an interior state of anguish and pain unlike anything I have ever experienced before.

And so, we can truly say he was one divinw the first sons if the Divine Will and consequently one of the first apostles of the Divine Will. Four editions of this book were made, each luiza being of a greater number than the previous one. The consideration that we are dealing with 25, copies of the entire work, of the whole set of volumes, present and future, so it will cost millions of liras.


For seventeen years, their spiritual friendship grew ever stronger, as we will see, until the day of his birth into heaven on June 1,which is the day the Pope selected for his liturgical feast day. Father Hannibal met Luisa around the year His life had been completely transformed. This is what he wrote a short time before dying:.

He himself says it in his own words.

La Divina Voluntad y Luisa Piccarreta

But afterwards, the deception was discovered. In conclusion, we could say that St. This way, everything will be ready for the future. Oh, divin hell will be annihilated!

With all this you can clearly comprehend how everything has been Will of God, and that in all things concerning your writings, both present and future, you are subject to my exclusive obedience.

El Don del Bautismo. It is like the beginning of the glorious manifestation of the Kingdom of the Divine Will in a visible way, insofar as a mortal creature can perceive it, and in proportion to the disposition of the will of each one of us, to die completely to our human will, to live always and only by the Divine Will. From the following paragraphs of his, we can appreciate his immense interest, and the extremes to which Saint Hannibal went.