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Uncertain Magic [Laura Kinsale] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Roderica Delamore is an heiress and should be a prize catch—except. Roderica Delamore is an heiress and should be a prize catch—except for an embarrassing and magical secret. She has the Uncertain Magic by Laura Kinsale. Uncertain Magic by Laura Kinsale – book cover, description, publication history.

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There weren’t a lot of paranormal romances back in the day – I don’t feel like the genre really took off until the lates, with the advent of things like Buffy the Vampire SlayerInterview with the Vampire the movieand the Anita Blake series.

He is falling in love with her and she with him. This is a 3.

Book Review: Uncertain Magic by Laura Kinsale – JaimeKristal: Tales of a Book Lover

View all 10 comments. I wish you were dead!

I’ve come to realize that the only thing Minsale can predict about a book written by Laura Kinsale is that I’ll love it, and no matter how long it is, I’ll wish it was longer. It’s not my favourite of her books, but now I’ve collected the whole set, see? Even when he was at school?

But his dearest and oldest friend, Geoffrey who has known Roddy since she was younger, and with whom she had been youthfully infatuated has become involved in smuggling arms to the rebels, and while Faelan has made his position clear — he wants nothing to do with it – Geoffrey nonetheless manages to drag him into the thick of things, which leads to an explosive and tragic series of events. And I love it. And not just that, not completely knowing whether you were responsible for all the horrible things people thought and said that you’d done over the years.


Overall, I really liked it.

Uncertain Magic by Laura Kinsale

His home in Iveragh is Gothic and appropriately spooky, and I loved the atmosphere of the Irish countryside. So she gave all that up to sit in a chair and stare into space for long periods of time, attempting to figure out What-Happens-Next. His past and his memories surrounding the death of his father have led him and the Ton to believe that he murdered his father.

Nov 04, Jennifer rated it it was ok Shelves: Not too different from real people, just called magic. View all 3 comments.

She is wealthy and he needs money to repair his broken down estate. Goodreads helps you keep track lxura books you want to read. The only person she’s ever met who she can’t read is Faelan. She’s constantly unsure of Faelan.

And their HEA starts from dirt to rebuild, to have a family, etc. Notify me of new comments via email. I read this book 4 or 5 times and I love it. Roddy is gifted or cursed, depending on how you look at it with the ability of empathy: It’s because of her gift or curse, depending on who you are and how you view it. Especially as a backlist title. Having to hide her ability, too, is hard.


Enter a marriage of convenience, a rebellion in Ireland, standing lauda, an adorable baby pig named MacLassar, bean sidhe, insane brooding and jealousy from both hero and heroine, some wonderfully intense sex scenes, and more gothic atmosphere and rolling hills than a Bronte could shake a stick at. She fits our hero oh, so well.

Book Review: Uncertain Magic by Laura Kinsale

I swung back and forth from thinking him sexy; fascinating; reprehensible, yet ultimately deserving of love, to finding him a patronizing, unhinged, jealous, untrustworthy master manipulator who’d decided to turn his skills on Roddy. I never thought i’d be saying this, when i started this book but HELL!

Their journey to love takes them from the Kisale countryside, to the hustle and bustle of London, and finally to the wilds of the Irish estate that magif been abandoned and neglected where they find themselves embroiled an Irish revolt against English rule, as well as Faery magic.

I haven’t read many A Sensuality Hot Book Type: Call me a dreamer.

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