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Una mente prodigiosa – Ebook written by Sylvia Nasar. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. UNA MENTE PRODIGIOSA. Sylvia NASAR. Published by MONDADORI 0. Price: US$ Convert Currency. Shipping: US$ From Spain to U.S.A. A Beautiful Mind has ratings and reviews. Huda said: ولأن المصري معروف بجبروتهبتكون نهاية واحد من أعظم علماء الأرض بسببسواق تاكسي مصري.

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A Beautiful Mind

Who liked insanity-genius binomial. Or that he nasad on her. A very good read. But it is a fascinating and disturbing story. Presenting a characterization of schyzophrenia, the author helps in informing the reader about the circumstances under which a spontaneous recovery from his dementing and degenerative disease believed to be so rare, became a possibility for John Nash.

A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nasar

When it comes to geniuses, a few archetypes generally come to mind. Reading about Nash’s early life and the beginning of his career, I couldn’t help but notice that he was always rather an odd duck, even before he became delusional and was diagnosed as schizophrenic.

She also gives a nice look at game theory which is very readable to the layperson. This is one of those rare cases where the movie was much better than the book.

Makes for a very good movie, but not an accurate biography. Or the “Phantom of Fine Hall,” a figure many students had seen shuffling around the corridors of the math and physics building wearing purple sneakers and writing numerology treatises on the blackboards. It detailed some of the events in Nash’s life although seemingly at a distance, almost surgical, but the amount of the content the author had obtained made the movie somehow romanticize the man into a mythical math hero and made his life a film noir.


Mar 07, Paul E. View all 23 comments. I was thinking of this book again because of the deaths of John and Alicia Nash. Finally, his wife gave up on him too. And, most striking of all, he is a much nicer person after his harrowing experience with insanity than he was as an arrogant wunderkind.

Una Mente Prodigiosa / A Beautiful Mind (Best Seller) (Spanish Edition) |

For four years, she did research with Nobel Laureate Wassily Leontief. I’m not a mathematician.

It’s only in the mysterious equation of love that any logic or reasons can be found. Some of this is entangled with his illness, of course, but not all.

It also gets game theory really, really wrong. I quickly bought it and loved it I know which syliva my bread is buttered, folks and this lead me to read the book the movie is based on. For about the first 49 chapters you could literally skip all the odd chapters and not really miss anything. Though I usually like Blackstone Audio’s production of books, the narration of this one by Anna Fields, was below their standards.

In the medium may have been tape. But really, this is the story of his life.

This is not true of John Nash, the subject of the biography When it comes kibro geniuses, a few archetypes generally come to mind. He was “compulsively rational,” and envied the emotionless, considering thinking machines superior to humans. John Forbes Nash, Jr. However this is not entirely a matter of joy as if someone returned from physical disability to good physical health.


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In any case, the word “noble” probably applies, at some level, to most conceptions of the intellectually gifted. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Well, I love surprises.

The movie lays exceptional focus on the delusions and imaginary characters while the book covers much longer canvas from child through the nobel prize moment. The power of his theories culminated with him being awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics prodiggiosa fifty years after his groundbreaking work began. Reading about Nash’s early life and the beginning of his career, I couldn’t help but notice that he was always rather This biography was the basis for the popular film “A Beautiful Mind” a few years ago.

The story was well told, very moving; the aspects relating to his schizophrenia passed muster with me. I read very few biographies, so I have trouble evaluating this within its field. One day I’ll seek out the full version and read it, or listen to it, again. The sum of a man in: Jan 31, Terran rated it really liked it.

I’ Where I got the book: Bits that they leave out of shallow, fantasized Hollywood treatments. You are all my menre. We either had the book as well, or, if not, I was picking my husband’s brain on the story’s mathematical aspects.