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Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process nurtures works-in-progress through a four-step, facilitated dialogue. The method was developed by the MacArthur winning choreographer Liz Lerman to work with dancers. Lerman calls it Critical Response. One process this project has found particularly effective for one-to-one teachers is Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process (CRP). The Critical Response.

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Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process

He believes there are interesting ways to write about fathers and sons that do not involve charming videos, recommended products, or opinions about child rearing. The Critical Response Process takes place after a presentation of artistic work. Offers a work-in-progress for review and feels prepared to question that work in a dialogue with other people.

In use for over repsonse years, CRP Motion Dance class with Andrea Costanzo Martini You criticl leave with a firm grasp of procedures and tools to apply in your professional and daily life.

Critical Response Process | A Method for Giving and Getting Feedback

After graduating at the two-years school G. It was wordless, like a house burning, or an earthquake or a flood, or a woman getting out of a car, showing her legs.

The criticao asks questions about the work. More rarely do I run across suggestions for how to give feedback. You told me everything I needed to know, and left the rest to my imagination. About Arras WordPress Theme.


I began to talk it down. These comments might include what was exciting, meaningful, memorable, challenging, compelling, evocative, unique, different, suprising, touching, and the like.

This step is one of the most fundamental, challenging, and misunderstood steps of Critical Response Process. Responders ask neutral questions about the work, and the artist responds.

The spoken word symphony Interview with Chris Haring 21 agosto Questions from the group members The group asks, the writer answers.

Initiates each step, keeps the process on track, and works to help the artist and responders use the process to frame useful questions and responses. One of the other playwrights in my group happened to ask me about the film. Most of the writer questions are from insecurity—is this working?

It is also the Facilitator’s role to check that the artist is comfortable with the direction of discussions throughout the process, to help the Artist break down questions if needed, and to encourage participation from the Responders. Dancing through words videointerview with Ingrid Berger Myhre 23 agosto The Artist needs to be able to discuss their work openly with the group and be in a position to receive positive and constructive comments specific to their questions.

I am what I am, fighting for happiness interview There are three roles assigned within CRP: Critical Response Process deepens dialogue between makers and audiences and enhances learning between teachers and students. The Critical Response Process team has trained arts faculty, orchestra members, museum docents, acting companies, social science researchers, and nonprofit boards, as well as students and makers in almost every artistic discipline.


Personal Archive from practice to theory to dance 21 agosto Do you like the music? Afterward, I read a critical review and learned all the things that the filmmaker had done wrong.

What a writer does well is what she builds on. The opinion should be given in a specific form: The series of short videos below outlines each of the steps involved in CRP and illustrates how the process unfolds practically.

Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process — Transformative One-to-One

Opinions are the least helpful. You had a real response to it. Meaning is the essence of what people have discovered in the artistic practice just shared. In Critical Response Process: First and foremost, Responders are invested in the potential of the artist to do their best work.

Work can be short or long, large or small, and at any stage in its development.