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They were also among the first reasonably priced FET op amps that were useful for high quality audio. NwAvGuy April 7, at 2: I’m glad you like your O2 but I’m wondering if you read the article above and my Op Amp Myths article? How the OPA became a designer opamp lm5480 audio applications is a mystery to me. Posted by NwAvGuy at 1: Have you datasjeet testing several of the same op amp to see production irregularities?

NwAvGuy, This blog is great. But, the fact is, he won’t even post in the official O2 threads where there can be an open discussion.

The approval process is necessary to prevent obscenity, etc. The critical gain stage of the O2 amp runs at a constant temperature so thermal issues are not an issue. It has very little to do with better real world performance or a genuine difference in sound quality. The NJMD is similar to the so it should make a fine buffer. And the few that exist and meet the other requirements tend to be expensive.


And even then Johnson noise could still dominate so both would perform roughly the same. Anon, I don’t know anything about the NE, which as far as I know, isn’t even available.

The close quarters inside a small portable amp results in more electromagnetic ratasheet of high current signals throughout the circuitry.

Christophe Basso ONcircuit is made of. Not to mention few know how to even use RMAA properly. None of those op amps are shown below i.

LM Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

Its nice that you’ve put some effort into this and I found it quite interesting interesting. It’s generally poor engineering practice datasjeet the resistor is absolutely required for some other reason or only pure resistive loads are used which rules out nearly all headphones.

Furthermore, the paper analyzes the influence of thewhen we talked about reluctance: For the full schematic, and more details, see the Circuit Description section of the O2 Details Article.


Beware even with short circuit protection it might be short term if datasjeet device does not also have thermal protection. It performs worse in some ways than the much cheaper bipolar Those are all dinosaurs from the era before fast power transistors were available for high power amps.

【LM4580 NSC】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 2018【Price】【Datasheet PDF】USA

I can only disagree with one thing: I only compared them in the O2’s gain stage where they performed very similarly. This is just the gain stage.

But, op amps have become so good they can easily approach or even better that. Figure 1 shows the basic way. They offer no advantage over the above parts and are often much worse: XacTactX March 5, at 4: The distortion drops as the harmonics fall above this frequency. Low Noise — Op amp noise is modeled two ways–current noise and voltage noise. Soundshui October 20, at NwAvGuy June 11, at 1: