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Mil-Spec Wire & Cable. M | M bles. WIRE SPECS FOR MIL-W . MIL-W/1. PVC, V/°C. MIL-W/2. PVC, V/°C. Mil-DTL-M Hook Up Wire (M) cannot be outdone by any other wire and cable distributor. If you need MIL-Spec Hook Up Wire, Allied Wire & Cable. M/27BLE wire has a 19/25, nickel-plated copper conductor with PTFE insulation and rated °C to °C. View full M/27BLE wire specs here!.

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MIL-W-16878 Cable Designation

It is a shielded and jacketed cable. MIL-W insulated electrical wire is designed for use in computer back panels and other electrical and data equipment. The MIL-Spec wire may be used in electronic or electrical applications.

These cables offer several subcategories that are meant for specific sprc applications, such as power and control, electronic, communications and instrumentation. These mil-spec wires are broken down into standard wall, thin wall or medium wall, as well as different slant, gauge sizes and colors, depending on your application.

Allied stocks a wide variety of MIL-W M wire that can be used in both the government or commercial environment. MIL-W is a military specification covering high temperature, fire resistant electrical wire. MIL-C MIL-C heavy duty vehicle cables are used on all types of military ground vehicles, such as tanks, trailers, trucks and jeeps.

QQ-W wire is usually offered in two varieties: These categories are then further divided into flexing vs non flexing and non-watertight vs watertight.

This mil-spec wire stands the test of extreme conditions because of its resistance to abrasion, chemicals, notch propagation and shrink back. It is approved for military use and are often used as an alternative to typical m1678 wire.


MIL-W is a commonly requested military specification for a wire. J16878 is a military specification covering polyimide-insulated electric wire with copper or copper alloy conductors. MIL-C heavy duty vehicle cables are used on all types of military ground vehicles, such as tanks, trailers, trucks and jeeps.

It also works well for the internal wiring of meters, panels, and electronic equipment and may meet UL or UL MIL-W wires are suitable for many high temperature applications and are primarily used for missiles and aircraft. MIL-W MIL-W high temperature lead wire is used for missile, m1678, shipboard, airframe, avionics, electronics and military vehicle applications. The MIL-Spec wire has a clear nylon outer jacket.

The cables have a braided silver plated copper shield. MIL-C Cables are used to describe both unshielded and shielded cable constructions for airframe, avionics and aerospace and applications. This wire is also available in varying conductor styles and shielding options. MIL-W hook up wires are good for high temperature spdc.

M (NEMA HP) – Mil-Spec Wire & Cable – A.E. Petsche

The PFTE insulation on the cables offers high reliability with exceptional thermal stability and chemical resistance. MIL-W high temperature lead wire is used for missile, commercial, shipboard, airframe, avionics, electronics and military vehicle applications. M1688 Ribbon Cable is FEP insulated, while offering good chemical resistance and environmental stability.

The MIL-Spec wire has a voltage rating of volts.

MIL-Spec Wire Information – sponsored by Allied Wire & Cable, Inc.

Each type are designed with different attributes such as: MIL-C cable is designed for internal wiring of electrical equipment and includes electrical cables consisting of unshielded and unjacketed, shielded, jacketed, or shielded and jacketed twisted pairs and triples, and shielded or shielded and jacketed singles.


The MIL-Spec wire is constructed of a stranded tinned copper conductor, white polyvinylchloride insulation and a clear nylon outer jacket. Xpec cables are great for any application that requires minimal space because of the flat and wide construction, however, keep in mind that they are not highly flexible and can only be spev for straight-run applications.

Sspec Cables are lighter in weight than traditional shipboard cable which makes them safer to use on naval ships to cut down on unnecessary weight.

Each part numbers construction offers differences in circuit identification, conductor size, insulation type, number of conductors, and shielding material. The MIL-Spec wires may be used in any application where it may be exposed to abrasion, high impact loads, or chemical abuse.

This special purpose, double insulated, mil-spec wire features a tin coated copper conductor, extruded layer of Irraflex insulation and Irraflex jacket. QQ-W is another federal specification for electrical wire.

There are three different conductor styles which include: These shipboard cables are used in the following applications: MIL-W has two different cables that fall under this spec which include: QQ-W may be used for winding of coils, antennas, point to point wiring, and ground wire.